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Usman’s surgery is on hold
Fundraiser: Sole earner Usman needs eye op
by Ghaswala Vision Foundation
03 Dec. 2019

Thank you for your contribution, ₹ 10,203 has been raised for Usman’s surgery. Currently the funds are on hold as getting surgery means he has to take off from work for a while, and he cannot afford it right now due to his wife’s ill health. He needs to accommodate as many trips and customers on his auto in a day to make ends meet despite his deteriorating vision. Usman will get back to us on his surgery, so he can start working at night.

Food supply and clothes for 12 elderly women
Fundraiser: Support 50 aged women @ ₹1,200 each
by Vizhuthukal Trust
25 Nov. 2019

Thanks to your contribution ₹13,803 was raised, enough to provide rice, groceries, vegetables and clothes to 12 elderly women who belong to a lower caste and are often subjugated to discrimination. They are from a low income background and are too old to earn a living, your donation has been of great help to them.

30 youth got to explore their career
Fundraiser: Fund journey to change young lives
by Medha
22 Nov. 2019

“Rubaru for me was such an easy-going journey, one that touched my heart and mind both at the same time,” says Vidisha Sukhwani.

The amount raised was used for a round trip to IRMA business school in Anand, Gujurat where the students met inspiring entrepreneurs and visited Amul, the cooperative society. This visit was an enriching learning opportunity for all of them thanks to your kind contribution.

Nutrition for 20 people living with HIV
Fundraiser: Nutritional support for acutely ill
by Samraksha
05 Nov. 2019

Thank you for your contribution, the amount raised has been used to provide nutritional supplements to individuals living with HIV.

‘I feel good after drinking this, now I make this dish everyday at home’ says the 40 year old widow with living HIV. She realises the importance of the right nutrition so she can continue to sustain her young children. Nineteen others have also been provided the nutritional supplement porridge made with local grains. Your support has provided these vulnerable individuals the strength to fight HIV on a daily basis.

A visit to the science center
Fundraiser: Help children protect their futures
by Mountain Children's Foundation
31 Oct. 2019

Thank you for your generous contribution. With your support, we raised ₹12,003. The funds raised, along with some donations from other donors, were used to take 24 children to the Regional Science Center in Uttarakhand. 

It was a really good learning experience for the children. They were able to link what they had learnt at school with what they saw at the center. 

Utensils for shelter home
Fundraiser: Safety to specially challenged men
by AIM for Seva
18 Oct. 2019

Thank you for donating to this fundraiser and helping us raise ₹8,047. 

Unfortunately, the funds raised were too less to buy a power generator for the shelter home. Hence, we have utilized the funds to buy much-needed kitchen utensils.

School supplies for 12 girls
Fundraiser: ₹3,050 will keep a girl in school
by Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan
25 July 2019

Thank you for your contribution, ₹36,403 has been raised. The funds are being used to keep 12 girls in school.

“I will study well so I can be a pilot one day and fly high up in the sky”, says the 11 year old Heena (name changed) who resides in the slums of Ajmer. Her father is an alcoholic thus her mother is forced to work, she cleans the drainage and the streets for a living. Heena had to drop out of school as her mother was unable to afford the schooling expenses, but RSKS team intervened to make it possible for Heena to chase her dreams.

Thank you once again for helping girls like Heena stay in school. :)

Muskaan goes to school
Fundraiser: Aid two poor teens to finish school
by Mountain Children's Foundation
24 July 2019

Thank you for contributing to this fundraiser. As the funds were raised were not sufficient to support two teenagers we decided to use the funds to support Muskaan for two years. 

The support Muskaan gets means that they have food and ration in their house and they will not have to work or beg anymore. Muskaan bought herself some warm clothes, shoes for the winter and a solar light that she uses for studying.


Art therapy for children with disabilites
Fundraiser: Bags, books, art supplies for kids
by Satya Special School
24 July 2019

Thank you for your generous contribution. With your support, we successfully completed the fundraiser! The amount raised was used to buy school bags, set of 5 notebooks, pencils, pens and art materials for 110 children.

The bags have helped children in the rural areas carry their books comfortably to school. The art materials were used to provide art therapy sessions to children with disabilities. This has resulted in improving their mood swings, help them identify colours and improve their emotional well-being.

Nutritious meals for young girls
Fundraiser: Fund rice, dal for 45 minor girls
by Baale Mane
24 July 2019

Thank you contributing to this fundraiser. The amount raised has helped fund three meals for 45 girls and their caregivers. Baale Mane ensures that the children take nutritious home-cooked lunch and snacks to school. This, in turn, leads to happier girls who are better focused on learning. 



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