Small Change helps NGOs connect with a caring generation and create change

Small Change provides the clearest and most hassle-free method to connect with givers and have them contribute to your Fundraisers

Why should my NGO feature on Small Change?

Online donation is the fastest growing sector in giving worldwide. A September 2015 Charities Aid Foundation report, Online Giving in India, predicts 50% of all giving to charities will be online in the next 10 years. Small Change can help you tap into this new potential donor base of the socially conscious internet generation.
The Small Change platform is an inexpensive, efficient and hassle-free way to fundraise and funda-raise (awareness of your cause and mission) for your NGO.

But our NGO already has the option of raising funds through its own website – why should we go on Small Change?

  • Small Change is a platform showcasing only NGOs, attracting an audience that you may not otherwise to your own website
  • As long as your GuideStar India certification (see below) is in place, your NGO will have a permanent page with a ‘donate’ button on Small Change, whether or not you choose to use our crowdfunding platform
  • On Small Change, you don’t have to spend time creating your NGO profile – as we will do it for you.
  • We will also advocate your work across our social media platforms and engage givers in your cause – all of which is an essential part of online fundraising – without any cost to you.
  • By doing this we are hoping, in time, to provide you with a new donor base – India’s new generation of givers.

Do I need to register?

Yes, you need to register by signing up on the website with your NGO information. Then we will contact you and guide you through the process.

Do you charge to feature NGOs?

No, it’s absolutely free! We also pass on 100% of the donation to the NGO the donor chooses. Plus, as Small Change is also a non-profit organisation, we send an immediate electronic 80G receipt to the donor – this also saves you the admin required and the costs to send a receipt for each individual donation.
However, we do require you to be certified (either Platinum, Gold, Silver or Transparency Key levels) by GuideStar India, to whom you have to make a donation to cover their costs of due diligence depending on the level of certification you choose.

How can my NGO be featured on Small Change?

As mentioned above, in order to meet givers’ concerns of accountability and transparency, the basic criteria for an NGO wishing to be featured on the Small Change platform is a transparency certificate (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Transparency Key) from GuideStar India. This certification ‘validates’ your organisation for new givers – appealing to them not only on Small Change but across online platforms, corporates and foundations, allowing you to widen your donor base.
Once you have certification, just register your NGO on the website and we will email you about the information and content we require to create your NGO page.

How do I create my NGO page?

You can’t create your NGO page – we do that for you. We will send you a Requirements Form for all the information we need to write your NGO profile in our in-house style. Once we receive the form, it will take our team a couple of weeks to do the write-up, which we will send to you for approval. After that, we will create your page.

Does my NGO need to submit any documents to Small Change?

No, we will download whatever we need from your GuideStar India page, once you have been certified. However, before your page goes live on the site, you will have to sign an Agreement, which we will send to you.

Does Small Change require NGOs to have an 80G tax exemption certificate?

No. Small Change will issue 80G tax receipts for all donations.

How can my NGO start raising funds on Small Change?

You will first have to go through our registration process, which involves certification at Platinum, Gold, Silver or Transparency Key level by GuideStar India (unless you have one already), which could take anything between one and four weeks depending on the documents and information you provide.
Once certified, we will send you a list of our requirements to do your write-up and create your page. Once you approve and sign our Agreement, your page will go live, along with the ‘Donate’ button on your page to help you raise funds.
You can also start a Fundraiser for specific items, programmes or projects, using our crowdfunding platform.

Is there a time limit for a Fundraiser?

Yes. The time limit is two calendar months. Fundraisers can be extended if there are valid reasons, at our discretion. Or, if it has achieved the target amount before the last date, you could choose to end it.

How many Fundraisers can my NGO have running simultaneously?

There is no limit, but we would not advise more than three or four.

How does my NGO receive the funds raised?

We will transfer the funds donors have made for your NGO to your Trust, Society or Section 8 Company bank account by the 10th of the following month on which the donation is made.

Does my NGO have to issue a receipt for donations?

You will have to issue Small Change a receipt for total donations collected by us and paid to you on a monthly basis (as described above), rather than to each individual donor. Small Change is a registered Trust and certified to issue receipts u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961, so we will issue an electronic 80G receipt to donors immediately after the transaction goes through.

How do I get to know when a donation is made to my NGO?

You will receive an instant alert to the email address you have registered with on Small Change.

Does my NGO need an FCRA certificate in order to feature on Small Change?

No. We only collect donations/accept transactions made in Indian rupees.

How do I update my NGO page and the information on it?

For any factual changes or an update to your page once it goes live, email us at, but please keep this to a minimum and only if necessary. Please note, we reserve the right to make editorial changes to your NGO page at our discretion.

Do I have to engage with donors on Small Change?

Some givers may get in touch with you regarding volunteering opportunities or other ways in which they would like to help though our website. Others could get in touch with you independently. We request you to interact with them to the best of your ability and accept genuine offers of help if you need it.

Small Change is a platform for people like you who want to make a difference

Small Change helps you search for causes you care about and start giving,
whether it's your time, money or skills

What is Small Change?

Small Change is a non-profit organisation set up to champion the work done by NGOs in India and help them raise funds and awareness about their cause. is our innovative digital platform to do just that. See our About page.

Will it connect to individuals or corporates?

Anyone online basically! But Small Change is designed to connect India’s Internet generation – who want to give back, but don’t know who to give to or how to – with causes they care about. Our vision is to 'grow a new generation of givers'.

How is Small Change different from other donation platforms?

  • We are a non-profit ourselves. Not all donation platforms are. You can check our legal and financial compliances on our GuideStar India page.
  • We are a platform raising funds and awareness only for NGOs and their projects.
  • We are also a crowdfunding platform. So you can donate both towards an NGO’s General Fund and/or for a specific Fundraiser featured on the individual NGO page that is being ‘crowdfunded’.
  • The premise of Small Change is communications. Many studies on Indian NGOs suggest that one of the biggest barriers to raising funds for NGOs is a result of poor communications and marketing. The Small Change portal “packages” each individual NGO, their cause, and the change they bring in simple, easy-to-read language and visuals. We hope this will go a long way in changing widely held negative perceptions of NGOs, and help givers believe in them.

What is crowdfunding and how does it work?

A practice as old as the hills, crowdfunding is a collective effort of friends, family, acquaintances and other individual givers contributing to raise a specific amount for a programme or project. On Small Change, we feature various NGO Fundraisers you can contribute to.

Can I fundraise for a cause?

Yes you can! As an individual you can create your own fundraising page to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, wedding or any special occasion and request for donations (perhaps in lieu of gifts) to an NGO serving a cause close to your heart.

Or, get friends, family and well wishers to sponsor a personal challenge (long distance run or cycling, stop smoking or give up chocolates, whatever!) you take up to create awareness for a cause and raise funds for your chosen NGO. Sign up and fill up this form to let us know what you want to do and we will help you create a custom page.

For our wedding we would like to donate to an NGO - and request our guests to do the same. Is this possible?

Yes! Please fill in this form Once you submit it, we will check it all looks good and reads well and send you the link to your very own wedding fundraiser page within 48 hours. You can then send the link to your wedding invitees with a personal message. If you have any further questions please email

Can companies start a fundraiser?

Yes! It is a great way to involve employees in your corporate social responsibility and give them an opportunity to directly help NGO projects that your company is already supporting, or want to support. Plus, by matching donations, you will reaffirm the commitment to the cause your firm has chosen to champion. Simply register your interest by filling up this form, and we will contact you as soon as possible. This sample page will give you a better idea.

Can I donate to celebrate a special occasion or in memory of a loved one?

Yes, you can. Once you have signed up and chosen which NGO or Fundraiser you want to give to and the amount, just tick the correct option at the end of the Billing Information page, fill in the details, and we’ll make sure your donation and message is delivered.

For how long does an NGO Fundraiser run?

For two calendar months. An NGO can choose to end the fundraiser before the end date if they have raised the target amount. Or, if the target amount is not reached, can opt to run it for a few more days, in agreement with Small Change.

What happens if a Fundraiser is not 100% funded?

With your help, it will be our sincere endeavour to get all Fundraisers funded! If not, whatever percentage is raised will go to the NGO to pay for a part of the project. For eg. Instead of buying uniforms for 50 girls, the amount raised is only enough to buy uniforms for 30. However, if your contributions are not enough to buy even one uniform, the amount raised will go into the NGO’s General Fund.
In any case, the Fundraiser Timeline on every Fundraiser page will tell you how the funds raised have been used.
NGOs on Small Change have all signed an Agreement guaranteeing that the funds raised for a project, will be used for just that.

Can a Fundraiser receive more money than the goal amount within the given 60-day period?

Yes. An NGO can raise more than the target amount within the 60-day period unless it wishes to take down the Fundraiser after having met the target amount in less than 60 days.

How do I know that the NGOs featured on this site are genuine and transparent in the work they do?

NGOs on are certified for their transparency by GuideStar India, an NGO repository transforming the way Indian NGOs report and share information.
GuideStar India Platinum and Gold certificates are awarded after thorough due diligence of an NGO for legal and financial compliances, and is an affirmation that the certified organisation is transparent and sharing these in the public domain. The certification is based on facts presented by the NGO and verified against documents issued by regulatory authorities and statutory auditors.

GuideStar India Silver is given to an NGO that meets all the requirements of Gold but there was a delay in filing statutory returns and/ or some disclosures were missed and the organisation has disclosed the details on its GuideStar India profile.

Transparency Key is the Foundation Level certification indicating that the NGO has filed annual income tax returns as a tax-exempt entity and has shared the same in the public domain.

You can look up any of our featured NGOs on GuideStar India by using their GuideStar number (GSN) displayed on their profile page on this site.

Do you accept overseas donations?

No. As we do not have FCRA yet, we only accept INR donations from Indian domestic bank accounts or from credit cards issued by credit card companies situated and operating in India designated in INR.

How much of my donation reaches the NGO I select?


How long does it take for my donation to reach my selected NGO?

Donations to your selected NGO’s General Fund will be disbursed by Small Change by the 10th of the following month that you make the donation. Donations towards specific NGO Fundraisers, which will normally run for two calendar months, will be disbursed to the NGO by the 10th of the following month in which the Fundraiser is completed.

Is my account and personal information safe on Small Change?

Yes, totally safe. Our payment gateway partner is Instamojo who offer the highest level of security available. All transactions are executed securely and no critical information regarding your payment is visible to any third party. Please also read our Privacy Policy.

Is there a minimum and maximum donation amount?

Yes, per donation, the minimum amount that will be processed is ₹ 200 and the maximum that can be processed through our Payment Gateway is ₹ 1lakh

When will I get a receipt for my donation?

As soon as you complete the donation transaction on you will be emailed a tax receipt. If you misplace it you can download it from your page on our site at any time.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes. Small Change is a not for profit non-governmental organization and will issue you an 80G receipt for every donation you make. This makes 50% of each donation tax deductible under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Could I get a copy of your section 80G certificate?

Sure. You can download it from our GuideStar India page here.

Will my contribution amount be displayed publicly?

No, but you will be able to keep track of every donation you have made on your Profile Page, which is not public. You can of course share the fact that you have made a donation on social media to encourage your friends and others to do the same.

However, if you have used a social log in to register with us, your friends who have done the same will be able to see on their Profile Page News Feed which cause and NGO you have donated to and vice-versa – but the donation amount will not be displayed.

Can I get a refund for my donation?

All donations made to Small Change are final. A refund is made only under extraordinary circumstances – such as fraudulent use of your credit or debit card – if proven. If such circumstances arise, please contact

I am facing a problem while trying to make a donation. Where can I get help?

Please contact us at or +91 98301 16950.

How will I know what difference my donation has made?

Depends whether you have contributed for a specific NGO Fundraiser or an NGO’s General Fund.
Every Fundraiser page will have a Fundraiser Timeline which, with feedback from the NGO, will show each milestone that has been achieved thanks to your contribution towards it – and you will be able to follow it as it progresses. This will help you understand the various steps in implementation as well as the costs involved for every step.

An NGO’s General Fund is their lifeline, and is used to pay for various programme activities and organizational costs that no one else is willing to bear. Therefore these are also called ‘unrestricted funds’ – so the NGO can determine what to spend it on, rather than the donor. So if you donate towards their General Fund, you’ll be their friend for life!

While the NGO’s Current Projects are featured on their page on this website – which gives you an idea of the kind of activities they need to fund – you may also view their detailed profile presented transparently and in a comparable manner on their GuideStar India page using their unique GSN number (on their page on this site) and check the kind of expenses your donation will be used for.

How can I volunteer with an NGO or help out in any way other than donations?

Just click on “Volunteer with this NGO” under the Donate button on the specific NGO page and email the NGO directly with your offer of help.

I have more questions, how do I get in touch with Small Change?

If you have any doubts, we would be happy to help. Write to us at

How do I report something to Small Change?

Email us at We will look into the issue and get back to you as soon as we can.