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Aid two poor teens to finish school

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INDIA has the most number of adolescent dropouts in the world - poverty being a significant factor. ₹5,000 per month will help two youths, in remote Uttarakhand villages, fight the odds and remain in school.

The two children come from disadvantaged families who barely manage to stave of hunger. To fund medicines for his chronically ill mother and ensure his sister studies, Priyanshu has dropped out and works as a labourer. Muskaan lives with her grandmother who supports her, but a worsening financial condition puts her at risk of dropping out too.

Every penny raised will ensure that they don't become another statistic.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Help Muskaan and Priyanshu fight poverty through education.

MCF have decided to extend this fundraiser to give it more time to reach the target.

The fund raised will cover Muskaan and Priyanshu's expenses for 8 months!


Muskaan and Priyanshu are ambitious and hardworking and don't want to let their circumstances define their lives. Despite all the hardships, Muskaan, 16, secured 61% in 10th grade and plans to become a teacher someday, while 17-year-old Priyanshu hopes to finish his schooling and join the Army. Ensuring these children get access to education is crucial to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty and make them financially independent.

₹2,000 a month will help Muskaan fulfil her dream of becoming a teacher.

In Uttarakhand, dropout rates of secondary school students is high. Illiteracy and poverty are closely linked as acute shortage of family finances often force young children to start working. Muskaan lives in Kedarawala where the female literacy rate is a low 27% and Priyanshu in Bulakiwala where the total literacy rate is just 57%. These youngsters come from villages where education sadly takes the backseat due to lack of resources.

I was so impressed meeting with the children and hearing how committed they were to impact their lives and the communities they live in.

Patrick Bocco, CRY, USA

Education is not a way to escape poverty — it is a way of fighting it.

Julius Nyerere, former President, United Republic of Tanzania

Muskaan needs ₹2,000 per month to not drop out from school and start working as her grandmother's pension and her collecting wood to sell barely cover their expenses. ₹3,000 a month will help Priyanshu pay for his mother’s medicines and his tuition fees. MCF will ensure that they attend school on a regular basis and pass their exams. They will also interact with the teachers to follow up on their progress.

₹3000 will help Priyanshu complete his education and join the army.
Muskaan goes to school
by Mountain Children's Foundation
24 July 2019

Thank you for contributing to this fundraiser. As the funds were raised were not sufficient to support two teenagers we decided to use the funds to support Muskaan for two years. 

The support Muskaan gets means that they have food and ration in their house and they will not have to work or beg anymore. Muskaan bought herself some warm clothes, shoes for the winter and a solar light that she uses for studying.