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Back to school gift for 44 girls

Focus: Education , Girl Child

100% Funded
GIVE Baale Mane's 44 girls a simple joy that so many children take for granted - a new school bag, notebooks and stationery at the beginning of another year. Just ₹400 will help one girl make a fresh start.

FOR the disadvantaged young girls being looked after by Baale Mane, education is their way to a more stable and secure future. Therefore a happy school life takes on real significance and the team at Baale do their utmost to achieve that.

Proper school supplies contribute to this overall well being, provide encouragement to attend class regularly and dignify the whole process and experience of education.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

Thank you for your donation! People like you are creating a new generation of givers

Fundraiser Timeline

Every ₹400 will gift a school kit to a bright young girl!

This fundraiser closed early because it achieved its target - just a week after its launch!

Schoolbags and stationery for 44 girls have been delivered!


School kits matter because education matters - especially for disadvantaged girls. It is well established that the way out of deprivation for whole communities is to educate girls, who then have fewer, healthier and more educated children. Each year in school boosts a person's earning capacity. And research has shown that there is a direct link between educating girls and a rise in the GDP of countries.

School supplies will encourage them to attend class and it will dignify the process of education.

Each school kit which costs ₹400 will include a school bag, a pen, two pencils, two erasers and 23 long notebooks. If the fundraiser is 100% successful, Donatekart with supply 44 kits for all the school-going girls at Baale Mane. Once the fundraiser is completed and Donatekart receives the order confirmation, the goods will be delivered to Baale Mane within a week. The school kits will be distributed at the beginning of the next school year.

Each school kit will help a young girl make a fresh start.
School bags and stationery funded for 44 girls
by Baale Mane
08 Feb. 2018

The festive fundraiser was successful! We achieved the target in just a week and raised ₹17,650. Your generous donations were used to buy school kits for 44 girls at Baale Mane. Once Donatekart delivered the goods, they were distributed to the girls who were excited to receive new bags and stationery. 

Each girl was given one school bag costing ₹270, a pen worth ₹3, two pencils costing ₹4 each and five long notebooks which cost ₹23 each.

Every school kit contributed towards building a better future for these girls!