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Christmas gifts for children's home

Focus: Children and Youth , Education

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PROVIDING a loving, generous home environment for youngsters who have been left abandoned or orphaned is what Udayan Care do best. Help them be Santa this Christmas and gift their children special school kits.

The festive season is a time for love, warmth and family, especially for children. There is a big difference between simply providing a shelter for orphans to live in, and the much larger task of nurturing them in a loving, stable and secure home.

Ensuring daily necessities such as school bags and stationery so the children are never short of anything when learning is a part of a caring home.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

Thank you for your donation! People like you are creating a new generation of givers

Fundraiser Timeline

Spread the Christmas joy this year - every ₹350 will gift one child a brand new school kit!

Our very own Secret Santa funded this entire fundraiser! 50 children will be receiving school kits in just a few weeks! :)

Donatekart have successfully delivered school bags and stationery to Udayan Care's main office. We can't wait until the gifts are distributed to the kids! :)

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Udayan Care's homes - or Udayan Ghars - are based on the "Living In Family Environment" (LIFE) approach, which considers every aspect of a child's development, from emotional well-being to cognitive growth. The children at Udayan Ghars live together as a close-knit family and have mentor parents. Udayan Care would like to make gift-giving their family tradition so the children always feel special and loved - and what better time than Christmas!

New traditions always bring families together.

If the Fundraiser is 100% successful, 50 children from various Udayan Ghars in Delhi-NCR will receive a new school kit each. Each kit, at ₹350, will include a school bag, a geometry set, a box of crayons and notebooks. Donatekart will procure the kits and deliver them to Udayan Care within a week of getting the order confirmation. By Christmas, 50 children will have new school bags and stationery!

An environment where children can learn is part of creating a stable home.
50 children receive holiday gifts
by Udayan Care
16 Jan. 2018

What a success! We achieved 100% of our target and raised ₹17,500 – enough for bags and stationery for 50 children.

Once Donatekart delivered the goods, we began distributing them to children staying in the Udayan Care homes in Delhi NCR. All the children really loved the quality of the bags and were so excited for new stationery that they began using it as soon as they received it!

We hope to continue this lovely tradition of gift giving at our Udayan Care Homes.