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Free India’s daughters from fear

Focus: Livelihoods , Women

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WHILE their peers share selfies on Facebook, teenagers Manjali, Nazia and Jaya keep their faces and identities hidden - from their traffickers. Support iPartner’s Every8Minutes campaign to help them live again.

When Jaya, 17, fell in love her romance was anything but fairytale. She was duped, held captive and raped. Though charged, the boy is now on bail while she is in a shelter home awaiting justice.

Rescued from a brothel in Bihar, Nazia, who had two abortions by age 12 and a child at 14, is in a transit home. Extreme poverty led Manjali, then 14, to being trapped and abused as a domestic servant before she was freed.

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Support the rehabilitation of Manjali, Nazia and Jaya

Fundraiser extended by a week - just need 14% of the target amount needed to get to 100%!!

Thank you! We have now reached the target and will be able to support Manjali, Nazia and Jaya through iPartner's Every8Minutes Campaign. We still have miles to go before we sleep as there are many more Manjalis, Nazias and Jayas out there. Thank you again for your support.

Manjali, Nazia and Jaya have progressed - have a look at our News Feed update below for details.


Fear is a negative emotion and affects both physical and mental health. It weakens both the immune system and the mind, and keeps the oppressed in their place. Part of the rehabilitation process of young, rescued girls is for them to overcome their anxieties and follow a path towards financial independence. The end motive of the prevent-rescue-heal approach of the Every8Minutes initiative is to “bring life back into these children’s eyes”.

Help Nazia, Jaya and Manjali turn their backs to fear

For Manjali, 19, now back home with her parents in a remote village in the Indo-Bhutan border, the way out of poverty is to become self reliant. Your contribution will help her set up shop selling traditional Mekhela Chador sarees. It will help Jaya, studying for her 10th standard board exams, pay her legal costs to put her perpetrator behind bars. And for Nazia, just 15, it will fulfill her dream of a “good education” in a private school.

I dream to open my own shop. I want to sell Mekhela Chador (traditional saree). This way I can also employ other girls who have faced similar torture and pain.

Manjali, 19, Kokrajhar, Assam

I believe in a world of justice and human rights for all. A world where girls can grow up free of fear of abuse. A world where women are treated with the respect and dignity that is their right.

Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General, United Nations

The exploitation of one human being by another is the basest crime. And yet trafficking in persons remains all too common, with all too few consequences for the perpetrators.

Yury Fedotov, Executive Director, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

I will work hard and become a police officer so that I can stop bad people from trafficking young girls like me.

Nazia, 15, Kishanganj, Bihar

I want to see the day he is put in jail for life for destroying my life. No girl should ever face what I have.

Jaya, 17, Bangalore

Once the Fundraiser is complete, Rs 1lakh will be allocated for each of the girls to set up a freedom fund to enable them to follow their chosen paths towards independence and freedom from fear.

Walk for Freedom
by iPartner India
07 Dec. 2016

On 5 December at Tughlakabad village, New Delhi, young girls, women and children from the local community held a silent walk as part of Every8Minutes ‘Walk for Freedom’ National Campaign to throw light on the issue of missing children in India and their right to care, protection, education.

The symbolic walk ended with children performing a street play to raise awareness about child marriage and child trafficking and a signature campaign. 

Manjali, Nazia and Jaya are moving forward
by iPartner
11 July 2017

Manjali is enrolled in a six-month tailoring course in Kokrajhar. After she completes the course, she plans to set up her own weaving enterprise.

Nazia lives in a transit home in Kishanganj. Since her case is still pending due to non-availability of a legal guardian, she has been unable to enroll full-time at a school, but is receiving basic education at the home. Once her case is settled, she will be able to enroll full-time at school as a regular student.

Jaya has been living in a shelter home for almost a year now. This year, Jaya can take her junior school exams, and a certified dance exam.