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INDIA has an unemployability crisis: 12million youth enter the job market each year but only 20% have the skills to succeed. At ₹7,000 each, send 30 graduates on a journey that will shape their lives forever!

After three programmes to Agra, Delhi and Mumbai, Medha are organising their fourth Rubaru, in collaboration with the prestigious Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA), Gujarat.

Thirty Medha alumni with entrepreneurial ideas will be selected to make this transformative trip, where they will look within to identify their goals, and venture out to build the confidence and skills required to make them a reality.

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Only ₹7,000 will send one dedicated student to Anand.

This fundraiser has been extended so it can be a part of the upcoming Daan Utsav week in October!

Medha has raised enough to send one youth on a journey of a lifetime!


Constrained by economic and social factors, Medha students don't often get to ‘step-out’ of their comfort zones. Rubaru gives them the chance to do just that and gain the confidence to pursue their dreams. Web designer Jyoti Verma, 25, working at a start-up post her Medha training, went on the trip to Delhi in March 2018. She now says: “Rubaru helped me open up and take decisions independently. I am more vocal and excited about my designs now.”

The planned activities will help "Medhavis" reimagine themselves.

Anand is the educational hub of Gujarat and the centre to the biggest industries and cooperative societies like Amul that led to White Revolution, making India the world's largest producer of milk. During their three-day stay, participants will get a chance to spend time in the beautiful IRMA campus, engage in expert-led sessions on entrepreneurship and visit established businesses to learn the processes involved in setting up an enterprise.

My Rubaru journey to Delhi and Gurugram has been transformational. I travelled 560kms from Akbarpur to visit my dream company - Microsoft - and was given the opportunity to present my tech idea in front of the entire team.

Suraj Verma, student, Government Polytechnic, Barabanki (UP)

This journey has helped me learn about myself. It was the first time I stepped out of Varanasi, my hometown, and travelled with such a diverse group. It has given me a new perception of the world and a sense of purpose to dream again.

Bhagyarekha Chaturvedi, student, Vasant Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Varanasi (UP)

After identifying 30 participants through a rigorous selection process, Medha will find the best industry exposure opportunities in Anand to make the trip meaningful for each graduate. Every ₹7,000 will cover one "Medhavi's" travel expenses, food, accommodation and learning material. Once the Fundraiser is complete, the group will set off to find their dreams!

Being in a new place will inspire participants to step out of their comfort zones.
30 youth got to explore their career
by Medha
22 Nov. 2019

“Rubaru for me was such an easy-going journey, one that touched my heart and mind both at the same time,” says Vidisha Sukhwani.

The amount raised was used for a round trip to IRMA business school in Anand, Gujurat where the students met inspiring entrepreneurs and visited Amul, the cooperative society. This visit was an enriching learning opportunity for all of them thanks to your kind contribution.