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FOR 250 primary schoolchildren in Balpa, south Karnataka, learning took a dramatic turn when their teachers began using Meghshala e-lessons. Donate to help transform more classrooms.

An effective teacher has a direct impact on student learning outcomes. In most government schools, the teacher is constrained by a lack of resources.

Meghshala wants to replicate the success story of Balpa, in 15 other schools in north Karnataka. The one-time donation of ₹10,000 will give one school one tablet with access to nearly 4,000 e-lessons!

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Help transform rural north Karnataka classrooms

Why technology-enabled teaching matters

The traditional chalk and board method of teaching in government schools often leads to students lacking higher -order thinking skills needed to pursue higher studies, thus hindering their future employability. Meghshala’s intervention using e-lessons in Balpa has become a model for engaging students. It has resulted in students developing problem-solving skills even outside the classroom and teachers spending quality time in preparation.

Teachers will have access to 4000 e-lessons of Meghshala.
Why rural north Karnataka?

When it comes to education, north Karnataka has the least number of interventions by NGOs and region does not have sufficient educational resources. Impact studies of the Meghshala app have shown that there has been an increased usage of the app in this region - indicating that there is an interest. Encouraged by this positive trend, Meghshala has decided to focus their efforts in north Karnataka.

This new teaching aid will provide a new atmosphere in teaching-learning process and teachers would be able to judiciously highlight important points of the lesson being taught in a very effective manner. I hope e-learning will revolutionise the mode of t

Th. Krishnamani, Imphal West, Manipur

Now that we are using the Meghshala app, students eagerly wait for the period and are excited. It’s so useful for the primary classes and has resulted in an increase in their performance.

Y. Kezia, H M, GPS, Shaikpet, Hyderabad

Once funds are raised, schools that would most benefit will be identified with the help of the government education department. Following this, tablets will be bought and preloaded with the Meghshala e-lessons, and distributed to 30 teachers from 15 schools who would be trained and supported by the Meghshala team.

15 rural schools in north Karnataka will be trained and supported.