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Gift eyesight to Sona this New Year

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WIDOWED Sona Devi's diabetic retinopathy needs urgent treatment to prevent blindness. She can't wait till her 15-year-old son completes his education to support her. Contribute to help Sona* see properly again.

Her increasing blood sugar levels has resulted in diabetic retinopathy, blurring her vision. The single mother from Patna struggles for her basic needs and cannot afford the high-risk surgery required to save her eyesight.

GVF have intervened to assist Sona and her diabetes is already under control. The treatment costs include tests, injections, medicines and surgery.

*Name changed to protect identity

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Help Sona get her vision back!


Sona Devi is a widow and lives on the breadline in Patna’s Danapur district with her teenage, school-going son. They are so poor, the local elder (Mukia), who provides meals to disadvantaged individuals, also feeds them. To add to her woes, Sona’s condition has left her visually impaired and only urgent treatment and a high-risk surgery can reverse the damage and prevent permanent blindness.


Three consultations at different eye hospitals have been conducted as high sugar levels makes the operation dangerous. Despite that Dhristipunj Netralaya is confident of treating Sona’s condition. Presently her blood sugar levels are under control so once the funds are raised the doctors will start the treatment with an injection (₹6,000) and perform surgery after 3-4 days. Costs of tests and medicine are ₹1,500 and cost of surgery is ₹36,500.

A costly surgery is Sona's only hope of preventing blindness