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Gift winter warmth to the poor

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A ₹500-sweater would make a great gift for widowed Shubhabai, 70, who lives below the poverty line in Nagthana, Maharashtra. Give her and others in the village who can’t afford basic needs some warmth for Xmas.

Here is a list of wishes you could fulfill this festive season:

₹200: Per pair of shoes for 20 students of class 5.
₹4,500: Bicycle for Raju who walks 5km to school every day.
₹500: For one sweater, needed by 10 elderly people
₹500: Per mosquito net for 10 families living in slums to protect them from dengue and malaria.

Thank you for your generosity!

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

Thank you for your donation! People like you are creating a new generation of givers

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