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Give medical aid to injured wildlife

Focus: Animal Welfare

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WITH reducing tree cover and construction near forests, wild animals increasingly come into harm's way as they cross Mumbai's borders. Support TSPCA's work in rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife in danger.

To expand the urban space, citizens’ encroachment on forested areas have forced animals to come into conflict with humans. And lack of awareness of the effects of wildlife displacement often results in injury to the animals.

Last year TSPCA treated 1,407 such hapless creatures, who required medical attention and a safe place to recuperate. Donate to this fundraiser to rescue 50 animals over two months.

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Every contribution helps wild animals get medical help!

The fundraiser has been extended to give it more time to reach the target.


It is one way to conserve wildlife. In the last year, veterinary staff have attended to bone plating of a jackal, a broken wing of an owl, surgically repaired broken shells of tortoises, removed fishing hooks from turtles, among other such injuries. Once treated the animals need shelter before being released into their natural habitat. All this requires funding to cover costs of surgeons, medical kits, fiber cages and food for the animals, etc.

Last year, Thane SPCA surgically repaired broken shells of tortoises.

There isn’t a single centre in the twin cities of Mumbai-Thane which provides medical care to wild animals. The Forest Department does not have its own infrastructure so the responsibility of rescue and care falls on centres like TSPCA's. Though there are some that rescue animals, none are able to provide medical aid. In 2018-19, Thane SPCA have treated 450 wild animals in their out-patients department and admitted 957 animals.


The funds raised will be used to rescue, provide medical and surgical intervention and to take care of the wild animals until they can be rehabilitated back in nature. Once the wild animals are brought to TSPCA’s centre, they are diagnosed and treated. They provide alternative treatment along with allopathy medicines. They also focus on the diet of the animals and design it as per their nutritional needs and availability in forests after release.

Funds will be used to rescue, treat and rehabilitate injured wild animals.