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Help children protect their futures

Focus: Children and Youth , Environment , Livelihoods

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GAINING scientific knowledge of the effects of climate change from experts will better prepare vulnerable mountain children to plan sustainable futures. Fund their study trips to meet conservation specialists.

The impact of environmental degradation has been felt the world over in the recent past. The Himalayas, where the state of Uttarakhand is located, are particularly susceptible.

To better equip native children with strategies to safeguard their own existence, it is imperative for them to fully understand - with the help of scientists - the reasons and consequences of climate change and figure out coping mechanisms.

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Life is an uphill task for these kids. Help equip them for better futures :)

MCF need more time so they can raise more funds, so this fundraiser has been extended.

The funds raised will go towards arranging the interactions between the children and scientists.


Even though the prescribed school curriculum includes environmental studies, it imparts textbook knowledge without practical application and does not include the topic of climate change. Therefore, MCF feel it is important to take action to increase the ability of children - whose futures are at stake - to adapt their behaviours to mitigate the challenges ahead. There is also is a need to shape their attitudes towards sustainable living.

Children at MCF learn about ecosystem through a game called 'Web of Life'.

Extreme weather events caused by global warming put the survival of communities in this mountainous region at risk due to their dependency on climate sensitive sectors such as agriculture, forestry, tourism and animal husbandry. And any negative impact on livelihoods will have direct implications on already fragile provisions for children’s health and education in the state.

The children argued with us, if adults can buy mobile phones and TV then why they can’t they make toilets for themselves? By understanding the importance of hygiene we have made toilets without being dependent on the village pradhan.

Guddi Devi, Village Badawa, Vikasnagar, Dehradun

Earlier we had to go door to door for growth monitoring but now parents are bringing their children to the Anganwadi centre for this. The change has happened because of MCF’s intervention.

Bhaga Devi, Anganwadi Worker, Sung, Chamoli

MCF is an organisation of great integrity and they work hard to empower children in India to improve their communities.

Brent Zupp, Oregon, USA

I was so impressed meeting with the children and hearing how committed they were to impact their lives and the communities they live in.

Patrick Bocco, CRY-USA

Through the workshop on environment we learnt about the ways to reduce CO2 emission. I also got to know many things about which I was not aware, even my school never gave such information.

Saloni, 15 years, member of Bal Sangathan, Village Devthala, Vikasnagar, Dehradun

Our last fundraiser was the first phase of the project, this is the second. We will arrange interactions between 25 children and scientists dealing with wildlife, forestry, oil and natural resources. They will go on three exposure tours and lectures by experts of Vigyan Dham, Geological Survey of India, Forest Research Institute, Wildlife Institute of India and ONGC and later share their learning with members of their respective Bal Sangathans.

Interactions with the experts will help the children get a deeper understanding.
A visit to the science center
by Mountain Children's Foundation
31 Oct. 2019

Thank you for your generous contribution. With your support, we raised ₹12,003. The funds raised, along with some donations from other donors, were used to take 24 children to the Regional Science Center in Uttarakhand. 

It was a really good learning experience for the children. They were able to link what they had learnt at school with what they saw at the center.