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Nutritional support for acutely ill

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FOR people living with HIV, regular treatment and wholesome food contribute most to a longer and better quality of life. Help Samraksha provide nutrition powder to poor patients coping with HIV in rural Koppal.

Besides an adherence to timely treatment, which is provided by government health facilities, regular intake of nutritious food is emphasised for people living with HIV as it helps prevent symptoms and infections.

While anti-retroviral drugs are distributed at public hospitals to the 11,000 people living with HIV in Koppal, Samraksha plan to provide the supplementary nutrition to patients who can't afford it.

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Every ₹120 will buy a 1kg packet of supplementary nutrition powder.

24 kg of Supplementary Nutritional powder can be bought with the amount raised. Thank you for your contribution!


While anti-retroviral medicines are distributed at no cost in government health facilities to people living with HIV in Koppal, adopting healthy living practices at home is often overlooked. Many either do not understand the importance of nutritious food, or the families are unable to afford it. Providing supplementary nutrition powder to patients from poor socio-economic backgrounds will help them remain relatively fit and able to earn a living.

Supplementary nutrition powder will be used to make wholesome porridges.

Koppal was significantly affected by the HIV epidemic in the past, and although the prevalence has decreased, there remains a large number of people in the area living with the effects of the dreaded virus. Over 11,000 community members - many from economically backward families - are currently living with HIV and are registered at the government hospitals for anti-retroviral medicines.

Studies have found that people living with HIV (HIV+) who have a healthy diet and good nutritional status can better tolerate HIV drugs, maintain a healthy weight, and feel better overall.

The Well Project, April 2018

Optimal levels of nutrients are required for good energy and overall well-being, and for the prevention or the management of the many symptoms that nutrient deficiencies can cause (e.g., fatigue, weight loss, mental changes, nerve damage, depression)., New York

The supplementary nutrition powder will be purchased and distributed during sessions organised by Samraksha. Every ₹120 will buy a 1kg packet of supplementary nutrition powder which will last for a month per person. Once individuals see the benefits of incorporating the nutrition powder into their diets, it is hoped that they will either begin buying it themselves, or returning to the centre to get more, thus forming a new healthy habit.

11,000 community members are living with HIV in Koppal.
Nutrition for 20 people living with HIV
by Samraksha
05 Nov. 2019

Thank you for your contribution, the amount raised has been used to provide nutritional supplements to individuals living with HIV.

‘I feel good after drinking this, now I make this dish everyday at home’ says the 40 year old widow with living HIV. She realises the importance of the right nutrition so she can continue to sustain her young children. Nineteen others have also been provided the nutritional supplement porridge made with local grains. Your support has provided these vulnerable individuals the strength to fight HIV on a daily basis.