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Safety to specially challenged men

Focus: Disability

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INCESSANT power cuts interrupt the quality of care that a home for men with disabilities provide. Help equip this shelter with a power generator to keep their 34 residents comfortable - and safe.

AIM for Seva’s Krupa Home is a lifelong residential facility for adult men with challenging disabilities. Most need continual assistance to complete everyday tasks and some have behavioural problems that require supervision.

To bring meaning and purpose to their lives, the men are kept engaged in educational and skill-based activities to make them more self-reliant. Constant power cuts disrupt this routine and make them restless.

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Contribute towards the safety and well-being of differently-abled adult men

AIM for Seva need more time so they can raise more funds, so this fundraiser has been extended.

The funds raised will go towards buying a new generator for Krupa home.


There are periodic electricity outages throughout the year at the Krupa Home. While they have emergency lights that come on as soon as there is a power cut, a generator is essential to ensure the safety and comfort of the differently-abled wards. It will also allow the caretakers to conduct uninterrupted classes, and keep the residents engaged and in good spirits which is necessary for their wellbeing.

Constant power cuts disrupt daily skill-based activities that keep the men engaged

The Krupa Home is located on the outskirts of Sriperumbudur, in a verdant, peaceful setting. Summers come with unbearable heat and power failure during those times can be harrowing for the residents. The 34 adults with special needs who reside at home need direction, supervision, and support at all times. Extensive power cuts diminish the quality of care provided at this well-equipped facility for the differently-abled.

Greatest ahimsa is to understand the world of differently-abled persons and support them with compassion. While they painted, their smiles reflected a feeling of accomplishment. It was a moment of great happiness watching them feel good about themselves.

Muralidharan, Founder, Chennai Weekend Artists

It’s a beautiful space, very calm. The residents look after the goshala and the organic garden. They are kept busy through a systematic routine which includes yoga, walking, occupational therapy, etc. They all look happy to be just who they are.

Vasumathi Ravikumar, donor, Chennai

With the help of funds raised, AIM for Seva will purchase and equip the Krupa Home with a generator of 40 KVA capacity - which is the assessed power backup requirement. While the full cost of a generator and installation is ₹6.7lakh, for which they have been saving, there is a shortfall of ₹3lakh which they hope to cover with this Fundraiser. This will ensure continuous power supply and help the adults with disabilities feel safe and at peace.

A power generator will ensure safety and comfort of 34 men with disabilities at the home
Utensils for shelter home
by AIM for Seva
18 Oct. 2019

Thank you for donating to this fundraiser and helping us raise ₹8,047. 

Unfortunately, the funds raised were too less to buy a power generator for the shelter home. Hence, we have utilized the funds to buy much-needed kitchen utensils.