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Sole earner Usman needs eye op

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AS an auto-rickshaw driver, Usman's* deteriorating eyesight means his livelihood and his family's financial welfare are in danger. Contribute to fund his cataract surgery, medicines and post-operative care.

Forty-eight-year-old Usman plies his rickshaw in Mumbai and earns a paltry wage with which he supports his two college-going children and wife, who suffers from arthritis.

The more trips and customers Usman can fit in a day, the better it is for the family income. But his worsening cataract means he is unable to work at night. Help him return to full time work.

*Name and image are representative, to protect identity

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Ghaswala Vision Foundation only need to raise ₹10,000 for Usman's surgery.

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Usman has many household and educational expenses for his family, but his daily income is becoming insufficient, especially since he can no longer work in the nights. He had surgery for a cataract in one eye in November 2018, but soon found it difficult to balance his vision as the other eye had a mature cataract too. Doctors have recommended surgery and a lens implant for him to fully regain his vision and be able to work full-time again.

Driving his rickshaw at night is becoming impossible for Usman.

I am in high esteem of the amazing work being done by Percy and his team. They have been responsible for transforming numerous lives and the best part is that it is done devoid of selfish motives.

Delzad Karani, donor, Mumbai

GVF have a strong agenda: to help the poor and gift them the vision to see the world. The one thing that drives GVF is the passion of Percy and his commitment to the cause.

Arjun Rao, volunteer, Mumbai

Usman urgently needs cataract surgery because his family is relying on him. Without his daily wage, his children may have to eventually drop out of college. Once the Fundraiser is complete, Ghaswala Vision Foundation will facilitate Usman's surgery, and also arrange for his medicines and post-operative care.

Surgery will change Usman and his family's lives.
Usman’s surgery is on hold
by Ghaswala Vision Foundation
03 Dec. 2019

Thank you for your contribution, ₹ 10,203 has been raised for Usman’s surgery. Currently the funds are on hold as getting surgery means he has to take off from work for a while, and he cannot afford it right now due to his wife’s ill health. He needs to accommodate as many trips and customers on his auto in a day to make ends meet despite his deteriorating vision. Usman will get back to us on his surgery, so he can start working at night.