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Support 50 aged women @ ₹1,200 each

Focus: Elderly Care

23% Funded
FRAIL, aged women, many widowed and abandoned by poverty-struck families, can be found in Tirunelveli eking out a living selling recyclable waste. Fund clothes and a month's supply of food for 50 such women.

Take women like 73-year-old Thangammal, who lost her husband to alcoholism 32 years ago. Now in poor health, she depends on neighbours for her daily needs. Or 71-year-old Bhagavathi, also widowed and alone, who survives by collecting and selling waste paper and tin.

Help Vizhuthukal Trust give women like them a supply of one month's groceries and a set of clothes to bring them a little relief in their daily grind.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

Thank you for your donation! People like you are creating a new generation of givers

Fundraiser Timeline

Every ₹1,200 will help one elderly woman.

This fundraiser has been extended till the end of the month.

Eleven elderly women can be supported with the money raised. Thank you for your contribution!


For economically disadvantaged families, caring for the elderly - which includes medical bills, clothing and food - is an extra burden they usually cannot afford. To prevent aged women from experiencing neglect and deprivation in the last phase of their lives, Vizhuthukal Trust are trying to provide groceries and clothes to about 2,500 of them on a regular basis so they have something to rely on.

Most farmers in Tirunelveli earn a menial daily wage.

The poorer communities of Tirunelveli mostly work as daily-wage agricultural labourers, with an unreliable income. There are a few thousand senior citizens in the target villages, some living with their families, and many living alone with no one to care for them. As the aged are no longer fit enough to be agricultural labourers, those able to work end up doing menial jobs that cannot support their basic needs.


Vizhuthukal Trust will identify 50 elderly women in need of support. Once the Fundraiser closes, they will purchase sarees and blouses, rice, vegetables and other kitchen staples and distribute it to the women - some who live alone, and some with their families.

Clothes and groceries will be distributed to the elderly women.
Food supply and clothes for 12 elderly women
by Vizhuthukal Trust
25 Nov. 2019

Thanks to your contribution ₹13,803 was raised, enough to provide rice, groceries, vegetables and clothes to 12 elderly women who belong to a lower caste and are often subjugated to discrimination. They are from a low income background and are too old to earn a living, your donation has been of great help to them.