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Food and meds for 43 street animals
Fundraiser: Meds and food for rescued animals
by None
20 May 2019

Thank you for donating to this fundraiser. With your help, we raised 2,952 which positively impacted around 43 street animals by providing them with food and medication.

The animals we rescued were malnourished and injured and needed urgent need of care. The medicines and food helped restore their health. 


Successful eye surgery
Fundraiser: Fund op so Vanita can see again
by Ghaswala Vision Foundation
27 March 2019

Vanita*, whose vision was progressively worsening due to keratoconus, was able to receive surgery in January thanks to our successful fundraiser - and thanks to you!

The funds covered the costs of surgery, cornea and medication. The surgery went well, and her graft was monitored for two months. She has recovered and is now fit to work again, and go for further education. We are guiding her on this matter, and wish her well no matter what she chooses! 

*Name changed to protect identity

80 boys go on field trips
Fundraiser: Give HIV affected youth a break
by Samraksha
04 March 2019

We arranged educational trips for 80 boys, of which the costs of eight boys were covered with your support!

The older boys went to Aihole and Pattadkal, where they visited temples built during the Chalukya dynasty. The younger boys were split into two groups - one visited a zoo and nature park, while the other group visited the Tunga Badhra Dam.

The trips served as a much needed break and gave them a chance to learn something new. The boys were responsible for planning the trip; figuring out the routes, entrance fees, arranging food. Once we returned, the groups presented their learnings to everyone else.

Generator installed
Fundraiser: Power to tribal farmers' training
by Centre for Youth and Social Development
28 Feb. 2019

Even though we didn't achieve our target for this fundraiser, we were able to cover the remaining costs internally. At the beginning of January this year, we purchased and installed a 10 kilowatt zero-emission diesel generator at our training center in Keonjhar. A shed is currently under construction for the generator.

Seedless dates delivered
Fundraiser: Grain & dates for the acutely ill
by Samraksha
13 Feb. 2019

With the funds raised, we opted for 40kg of dates. Dates are very high in iron, and a great supplement for individuals who are anaemic. So far, we have distributed some of the packets of dates to families that we work with, but will be distributing the rest during a special training we will be conducting with adolescent girls. A majority of the girls that will be at the training are HIV-positive, or have family members who are HIV-positive. We will be working with them on building resilience and life-skills. 

Daycare for 20 migrant kids
Fundraiser: Protect a migrant child this Rakhi
by Mobile Creches
12 Feb. 2019

We raised enough to support 20 migrant children at our daycare centre. With their parents working hard as construction labourers, the children at our daycare centre often do not receive a proper education or adequate medical care, which is what the funds raised are going towards. We are also provide them with nutritious meals, fun activities, and occasionally take them out on field trips.

Five-year-old Jiya recently went on an exciting trip to the National Rail Museum in Delhi and said, "I liked going out with my Didi and really enjoyed see all the colourful trains."

Big smiles from Hasina
Fundraiser: Fund smiles for deprived cleft kids
by Mission Smile
12 Feb. 2019

Eight-year-old Hasina from Meghalaya was born with a cleft lip and palate. While her twin sister has been leading a normal and healthy life, Hasina's development has been restricted by not being able to eat properly. Her cleft lip and palate also made her feel self-conscious and shy. Her mother Fatima feared that Hasina would not be able to lead a normal life. That is, until one of our volunteers on the field met Hasina and identified her need for surgery. Hasina soon received surgery, and a few weeks later recovered with a beautiful smile! 

Puja clothes for 150 children
Fundraiser: Gift Puja clothes to slum children
by Calcutta Rescue
29 Jan. 2019

We always have such an amazing time celebrating Puja with our students. Thanks to this fundraiser, we were able to buy new clothes for 150 children, while other funds covered the cost of new clothes for another 500 children. 

The clothes were distributed just before Puja began so the children had something new to wear when we took them pandal hopping. They were all excited with their new clothes, and confidently joined in the city's Puja celebrations. 

Healthy meals for 45 girls
Fundraiser: Fund a day's meals for just ₹3,850
by Baale Mane
29 Jan. 2019

With your support, we raised ₹27,805 and successfully completed the fundraiser! The funds raised were used to provide three meals for 45 girls and their caregivers for a week. The girls get healthy home-cooked meals and snacks at the Baale Mane home and carry packed lunch to school which ensures they get their daily nutrition and are able to concentrate well in class.

Thank you for your valuable contribution. The meals will keep the girls healthy and happy.

Meds for 24 special needs kids!
Fundraiser: Medicines to aid special needs kids
by Satya Special School
23 Jan. 2019

Thank you for donating to this fundraiser! With your support, we raised ₹61,869 which was used to medicines for 24 children for six months.

Most of the special needs children supported come from families who struggle to meet their basic expenses on a daily basis. Long-term access to necessary medicines is crucial for these children.

We appreciate your contribution to this cause.  


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