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Cycles will be bought soon!
Fundraiser: Gift cycles to keep girls in school
by Institute of Health Management Pachod
12 April 2018

Thank you for helping us raise ₹1,00,653, enough for 25 cycles!

We are in the process of selecting 25 school girls from Jamkhed and Wadigodri in Jalna, Maharashtra, who will receive a cycle each. 

The criteria for selecting the girls include: 1. They are in 8th or 9th Standard. 2. There is no public transport available for them to commute to school, and have to walk. 3. They are from families falling below the poverty line, who have a BPL card. 4. They have completed IHMP’s six-month Life Skills Education course.

The cycles will be purchased in June, just in time for the new academic year.

Asavari gives us a smile
Fundraiser: Free children from birth defect
by Mission Smile
13 March 2018

Your donation went towards part of the costs of cleft lip surgery for Asavari from Hirkani Wadi.

When Asavari was born, her parents Mahesh and Karuna were shattered to see their first-born with a cleft lip. They were unaware of what a cleft lip was and couldn't help her. Asavari had difficulties eating, meaning she received less nutrients and began suffering from malnutrition.

The cost of surgery would always send her parents back home from hospitals - until they found out about our medical camp and free surgeries. Now Asavari has a beautiful new smile and is beginning to get her health back.

Construction to start soon
Fundraiser: Sick room to boost girls' health
by Baale Mane
07 March 2018

Your kind contribution towards this fundraiser helped raise ₹10,788 of the ₹50,000 target amount. The amount was raised to help Baale Mane construct a sick room for 54 girls.

Currently, Baale Mane are finalizing the last stages of the design and tender and hope to start construction within a month.The existing dormitory will be converted into a sick room when the girls get a new dormitory.

The funds raised will be used for renovations and purchases for the new sick room.


Educating communities about climate change
Fundraiser: Equip kids to fight climate change
by Mountain Children Foundation
07 March 2018

Thanks to your generous support, the fundraiser, Equip kids to fight climate change, raised ₹50,215 of the ₹1,44,000 target amount. The amount raised has been added to funds received from two other sources for the Climate Education for Adaptation programme. The activities planned under the programme will be conducted for a year.

In the last four months,  ₹6,242 has been utilised from the amount raised on Small Change to implement the programme in 4 villages in Vikasnagar block covering 4 Bal Sangathans.




38 new school kits
Fundraiser: Stationery for ragpickers' kids
by Tiljala SHED
27 Feb. 2018

Thanks to you, we raised ₹15,106, enough for 38 school kits. Each school kit contained a school bag, geometry box, 3 pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, 3 notebooks, a colouring book and a box of crayons.

We distributed the school kits at 2 of our centres in Kolkata to 38 eager students. On the 7th of February, the children at Topsia Canal Side Educational Centre received their kits, and on the 8th of February, the children at Park Circus Railway Squatter Camp Educational Centre received their kits.

Health and hygiene kits for our shelter
Fundraiser: Nappies and nutrition for innocents
by Apne Aap Women's Collective
26 Feb. 2018

We received 15 hygiene kits and 11 health kits with the funds raised. The health kits included steel plates, spoons, oil rice and dal, while the hygiene kits included diapers, soap, shampoo and a towel. 

Here’s what Priyanka, aged 14 had to say:

“I am enjoying eating out of these new plates! Since they are sectioned, it’s easier for me to have different items during lunch. I am also a monitor during dinner time and have realised that other children drop less food out of these sectioned plates than earlier circular plates. It feels good to observe this because it means less food is wasted.”

*Faces blurred to protect identity

Hygiene Kits for 20 beneficiaries
Fundraiser: Help beat malnutrition with hygiene
by Fight Hunger Foundation
14 Feb. 2018

Your generous donations helped the fundraiser raised ₹11,310 of its target amount of Rs 300,000. Fight Hunger Foundation has added the amount to the funding of one of their existing programs in Baran. The funds raised on Small Change will fund hygiene Kits to 20 Severely Acute Malnutrition (SAM) beneficiaries seeking treatment under the Community-Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) program.

Every hygiene kit contributed towards building a better future for these beneficiaries!

School bags and stationery funded for 44 girls
Fundraiser: Back to school gift for 44 girls
by Baale Mane
08 Feb. 2018

The festive fundraiser was successful! We achieved the target in just a week and raised ₹17,650. Your generous donations were used to buy school kits for 44 girls at Baale Mane. Once Donatekart delivered the goods, they were distributed to the girls who were excited to receive new bags and stationery. 

Each girl was given one school bag costing ₹270, a pen worth ₹3, two pencils costing ₹4 each and five long notebooks which cost ₹23 each.

Every school kit contributed towards building a better future for these girls! 

One batch down, another batch to go
Fundraiser: Help teens learn life skills
by Medha
08 Feb. 2018

The funds raised are partially covering the costs for two 30-hour training programmes at Neena Thapa Inter College in Gorakhpur. With additional funds raised, 70 more female students, aged 14-16, signed up for the programme. 

Reetika Pandey, a student at the college, was asked about her experience and said “I used to be short-tempered – after Medha’s class I have begun to learn how to manage my anger.” Reetika’s trainer, Piyush, is proud to share that today she expresses herself confidently, and uses techniques like voice modulation and positive body language to her best advantage.

National ranking 32 to 19
Fundraiser: Send youth team to national event
by Project KHEL
07 Feb. 2018

We’re back! This fundraiser achieved 36% of its target, while the rest of the costs were covered internally so we, the Awadh KHELadis could participate at the Ahmedabad Ultimate Open 2018.

The tournament was a thrilling and enriching experience for us. We’ve returned home with a major achievement – a national ranking of 19, a huge jump from the ranking of 32 that we started off with!

We’re so happy to have been able to represent Lucknow at the tournament, and can’t wait to do this again!

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