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Skill-training for differently-abled
Fundraiser: Help differently-abled to earn more
by Kottapuram Integrated Development Society
10 Dec. 2018

Thank you for your valuable contribution to the fundraiser. 

The amount raised,₹12,004, was used to buy raw materials for all the 50 participants of skill upgradation program for the differently-abled handicraft artisans. The funds helped in training the beneficiaries in how to work with products such as screw pine and water hyacinth. 

For instance, 27-year-old Sadhik who is deaf and dumb has been able to make wonderful products from the two products. He is very proud of the fact that he can earn his living by his through this and can be financially independent. 

Raincoats for 112 girls
Fundraiser: Windcheaters for girls to beat cold
by Pardada Pardadi Educational Society
10 Dec. 2018

With your help, the fundraiser raised ₹5,953. The funds raised were utilised to buy raincoats for 112 senior girls at Pardada Pardadi's school. 

During monsoon, it becomes immensely difficult for the girls to travel to school. Many girls try to ride their cycle (provided by PPES) holding an umbrella but that is too risky. Moreover, umbrellas can’t protect them during a heavy shower. 

The raincoats will help the girls travel to school without compromising with their health  


Gifting comfort and warmth to young girls
Fundraiser: Girls under 11 need winter woollies
by Pardada Pardadi Educational Society
10 Dec. 2018

Thanks to your contribution, the fundraiser raised  ₹25,412. The funds raised were used to buy woollen caps, socks, and gloves for most of the under-11 girls at Pardada Pardadi's kindergarten and two primary schools. 

During harsh winter months, these girls often fall sick which affects their education. For their parents, winter clothes are a luxury they can't afford.

The woollies delivered to them will help keep the girls warm and healthy during winters. 


Generator to be installed soon
Fundraiser: Power to tribal farmers' training
by Centre for Youth and Social Development
05 Nov. 2018

Back in April, we raised ₹9,006 to power our Rural Livelihood Training Centre in Keonjhar. The Centre is located in an isolated part of Keonjhar, where power supply is erratic and unreliable. As an organisation, we are also trying to transition to more environmentally friendly practices, which is why we decided to fundraise for a zero-emission generator.

Since the funds raised did not cover the costs of the generator, we are in the process of arranging the remaining funds internally and hope to purchase and install it soon.

40 women receive crafts training
Fundraiser: Crafts training for tribal women
by Daricha Foundation
02 Nov. 2018

We are happy to report that we raised ₹2,01,851 in order to provide crafts training for the Santal women of Purulia to provide them with alternative livelihood opportunities. 

40 women in two villages were selected to receive training from two master trainers from 5th September to 17th September 2018. The women attended the workshop everyday and left with new skills and an eagerness to create and sell ornaments made from natural fibres. 

The funds went towards transport, lodging, food, raw materials, trainer fees etc., and will also cover the costs of a video and follow-up trip.

25 cycles distributed
Fundraiser: Gift cycles to keep girls in school
by Institute of Health Management Pachod
04 Sept. 2018

We have finally distributed 25 cycles to 25 deserving girls in Jalna who had to walk long distances to get to school. After receiving cycles, many parents enrolled their daughters in better schools and colleges in neighbouring villages, and have promised to let them complete their education.

For example, Afreen, who comes from a very poor family, has struggled to keep herself in school by paying fees in instalments, working two jobs and travelling long distances. After receiving a cycle, she has one less thing preventing her from getting her BSc and becoming a successful engineer! :)

Shahnawaz reunited with his family
Fundraiser: Get railway children back home
23 Aug. 2018

Thank you for your contribution to this fundraiser.

With your help, we raised 3,205 which helped in rescuing a 14-year-old Shahnawaz from Kanpur railway station. He was rescued on 5th June and was reunited with his family on 13th June. Shahnawaz from Jharkhand had run away from home and had been missing for ten days. His parents had almost given up hope when  SATHI found him. 

Your valuable support ensured Shahnawaz was safely reunited with his family.

Wholesome meals for 75 street children
Fundraiser: ₹1,530 feeds street kid for a month
by iPartner India
07 Aug. 2018

Thanks to your support, this fundraiser raised ₹42,002. The remaining amount has been covered by Jamghat’s individual donors so that all 75 children under their care can receive daily meals for a month. The funds have been used to purchase rations for two children's homes and a daycare centre in New Delhi. Jamghat opted to use the funds for a variety of rations, such as rice, pulses, cooking oil, wheat flour, vegetables, fruits and eggs.

Nutritious and wholesome food is vital for these children who rarely have access to food, and aids their overall physical and mental development.

Rations for Tala Park school
Fundraiser: Donate your coffee to feed 30 kids
by Calcutta Rescue
26 July 2018

Through this fundraiser, we managed to raise ₹30,001! With the funds raised, we opted for 252 litres of cooking oil and 140 kgs of masoor dal, which Donatekart delivered to us within two weeks. Oil and dal are essential rations which will make up a part of the nutritous lunches we will provide our students at Tala Park school. 

Now our students can just enjoy their healthy midday meals and focus on their studies! 

Noorjahan takes health into own hands
Fundraiser: Ease pain of patients and families
by Samraksha
20 July 2018

So far, 164 patients have received 988 palliative care counselling sessions.

Palliative care is a crucial part of caring of people living with HIV. Noorjahan, 28, was admitted suffering with multiple physical and emotional issues. Not being able to receive proper care at home, and no one to share her difficulties with, her sessions gave her a space to share her distress. The family sessions also gave her husband a chance to understand her situation in a more nuanced way so he can be more supportive. She was discharged with better health and a desire to independently manage her health. 

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