Small Change tells stories to inspire empathy and change lives. We champion India’s NGOs and help them raise funds in India from people – like YOU.


India is a nation of contrasts, some delightful, some dubious. But the most unfair one is this: On the one hand it boasts 131 billionaires – third only after the US and China – on the other it has the largest concentration of poor people in the world.

How? Or why? Surely WE – the internet generation, wired up and fired up to make change happen – can DO something about the latter statistic?

This is the reason Small Change was born – it’s our way of doing that small ‘something’.

Most of us are busy leading our own lives, crossing our own hurdles, and can’t drop everything to help others less fortunate. But we can support NGOs who do – and impact thousands of lives.

Then we can have both billionaires and a billion others enjoying the fruits of this wonderful country.


To connect you to causes you are passionate about so together we can make change happen in India – in our lifetime.

We want to defy the notion that poverty, discrimination and everything that goes with them is someone else’s problem.
It is our problem – and Small Change is providing you the platform to act on it.


  • Anindita C. Ray Trustee
    Anindita, or Toopsi as she is fondly known, has been in the field of education for 40 years. As the Additional Vice Principal of a Kolkata school whose 12,000 students are encouraged to give to those less fortunate and think about how they can make the world a better place, Toopsi is closely involved in all the outreach programmes...this often means she overstretches herself for those who reach out to her.
  • Subir Das Trustee
    Subir is a chartered accountant with over 30 years experience, was the CEO of a large plantation firm and is on various company boards, including one that auctions tea. He started a consultancy business in sustainable energy and, as an expert in risk analysis, has helped in the financial modelling of many renewable energy projects. Subir is a lover of the Bengali ‘adda’ and indulges in it every Sunday.
  • Sara Adhikari Managing Trustee
    Sara is an old hack. After working for almost 30 years with publications such as The Times of India, Khaleej Times in the UAE and The Sun, UK, she returned to India with the idea of Small Change and using her journalistic skills for social good. She is an impatient workaholic, wastes too much time on details and has become a real bore. All she talks about is: Small Change.
  • Aisiri Amin NGO Relations
    Aisiri is a multimedia journalist who specialises in gender issues, social justice and culture. She holds a Master's degree from Cardiff University and wrote for a few newspapers and magazines before finding her way in the social sector. Co-founder of the blog, INKLINE, Aisiri is a dreamer under the sun, poet under the stars and lives on books, tea and hope.
  • Ashika Jaffar Communications & Fundraising
    Ashika is an M.Sc. (Integrated) in Biotechnology from Vellore Institute of Technology but her passion for the social sector led her to volunteer for several NGOs, intern at the Biocon Foundation, become a UN SDSN Global Schools ambassador, and now join Small Change. She also likes a bit of drama and participates in street plays.

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I believe that Small Change is a truly innovative platform to connect and inform potential givers with the amazing work of hundreds of NGOs in India. Bina Rani, Founder and CEO, iPartner India


The process of fundraising for an NGO always strips the fundraiser of all the pride that s/he has. Small Change steps swiftly into place to bring back our belief in the generosity of the common Indian. Bless Small Change for bringing in the change. Jyoti Thyagarajan, Founder Trustee, Meghshala


We are excited about Small Change’s call to action to encourage individual acts of giving by the new generation of Indians. The accreditation process was rigorous and teaming up with GuideStar India assures the donor that their support will go to credible and deserving organisations. Chris Harrison, Chairman, The Friends of Baale Mane


The concept of Small Change to raise funds for other NGOs is really inspirational. Their Wish Tree during Daan Utsav at our store helped donors to choose their cause and contribution. It was my pleasure to be part of this event and contribute. Avanish M. Kini, Manager, Big Bazaar, Phoenix MarketCity, Bengaluru


The highly professional approach of Small Change is really motivating. Right from chiselling the appeal to crafting it out, they help the partner NGO is every which way. In their work they leave no stone unturned. Kiran Modi, Founder, Udayan Care


We all want to to our bit to help create a more equal world - but it's hard to know who you can trust. I'm grateful to Small Change for addressing this important problem. They've made it easier for me to do my bit without fear of being ripped off. Arijit Seth, donor, Kolkata


Their insistence on a standard of transparency and public accountability for NGOs on their platform is a great step towards inspiring donor confidence. Many NGOs do good work but struggle to tell their story. This is where Small Change comes in. Vishwanath Ramani, Senior Manager Operations, GuideStar India


Small Change have helped us to create effective content and design our campaigns. They have supported each campaign via their own social media channels and have enabled us to reach out to new supporters, big and small, across India and beyond. Jane Manson, Global Fundraising Director, Tiljala SHED


Small Change makes giving easy. I also like that big huge amounts are not asked for - proves that even ₹200 can make a difference - and that you can donate in the honour of someone. Bithiah Job, donor, Mumbai


Small Change have provided constant support to us. Through this platform excellent work is happening in helping civil society organisations address and fight issues ranging from education, nutrition, school enrolment, immunisation of slum kids, etc. Ashif Shaikh, Founder, Jan Sahas Social Development Society


We are always looking for passionate people to join our team. If you are interested in working for Small Change, write to us at :