Small Change tells stories to inspire empathy and change lives. We champion India’s NGOs and help them raise funds in India from people – like YOU.


India is a nation of contrasts, some delightful, some dubious. But the most unfair one is this: On the one hand it boasts 97 billionaires – third only after the US and China – on the other it has the largest concentration of poor people in the world.

How? Or why? Surely WE – the internet generation, wired up and fired up to make change happen – can DO something about the latter statistic?

This is the reason Small Change was born – it’s our way of doing that small ‘something’.

Most of us are busy leading our own lives, crossing our own hurdles, and can’t drop everything to help others less fortunate. But we can support NGOs who do – and impact thousands of lives.

Then we can have both billionaires and a billion others enjoying the fruits of this wonderful country.


To connect you to causes you are passionate about so together we can make change happen in India – in our lifetime.

We want to defy the notion that poverty, discrimination and everything that goes with them is someone else’s problem.
It is our problem – and Small Change is providing you the platform to act on it.


  • Aisiri Amin NGO Angel
  • Shreya Talwar NGO Angel
  • Sara Adhikari Trustee & Eagle Eye
  • Subir Das Trustee & Wise Guy
  • Anindita C Ray Trustee & Goal Keeper
  • Maya McManus Social Messenger
  • Chirag Malkani NGO Tale Spinner
  • Tara McManus Photo Finisher


I believe that Small Change is a truly innovative platform to connect and inform potential givers with the amazing work of hundreds of NGOs in India. Bina Rani, Founder and CEO, iPartner India


The process of fundraising for an NGO always strips the fundraiser of all the pride that s/he has. Small Change steps swiftly into place to bring back our belief in the generosity of the common Indian. Bless Small Change for bringing in the change. Jyoti Thyagarajan, Founder Trustee, Meghshala


We are excited about Small Change’s call to action to encourage individual acts of giving by the new generation of Indians. The accreditation process was rigorous and teaming up with GuideStar India assures the donor that their support will go to credible and deserving organisations. Chris Harrison, Chairman, The Friends of Baale Mane


The concept of Small Change to raise funds for other NGOs is really inspirational. Their Wish Tree during Daan Utsav at our store helped donors to choose their cause and contribution. It was my pleasure to be part of this event and contribute. Avanish M. Kini, Manager, Big Bazaar, Phoenix MarketCity, Bengaluru


We are always looking for passionate people to join our team. If you are interested in working for Small Change, write to us at :