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Let's build sick room for 44 girls

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WE have been supporting Baale Mane for two years now. But the girls in their care now need a sick room to recover quickly from illnesses - so they don't miss weekend computer literacy classes by our volunteers.
When the girls arrive at Baale, they are usually undernourished and with a poor immune system, making them prone to illness. As the 44 young girls at Baale live together in dormitories, in times of sickness infections spread fast amongst roommates.

To make the home a healthier space, Baale are allocating a sick room to give the ill a well-equipped, safe environment to recuperate in - and we want to help them build it.*

*This is purely an example of a corporate fundraiser

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"We fully support Baale Mane in their effort to give orphaned or abandoned young girls a loving home. The health of these minor girls is as important as their education. I fully support their plan to build a sick room for the girls - and I hope you will too."

- Rajiv Agarwal, CEO

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