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Bags, books, art supplies for kids

Focus: Disability

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FOR children from difficult situations, like dropouts or street kids, Satya's inclusive centre is a haven. Fund bags, books, stationery and art supplies for 110 such youngsters to aid their rehabilitation.

Satya's Alternative Inclusive Centre for Education (AICE) assist slow learners, children of prisoners and sex workers or those from any disadvantaged background get a basic education in ability-based classrooms and help them regain their confidence through art-based behavioural therapy.

Just ₹450 will pay for materials to help one child's journey back into mainstream society and skills for a better future.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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With just ₹450 you can help a child get quality education.

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At AICE, learning is more practical than theoretical to help children facing social ostracisation to build skills and confidence. It aims to prevent, say, a child of a prisoner from turning to crime himself and ensure they are educated and job worthy. The school supplies—including canvas boards and other art materials—help children engage in activities that act as their medium of expression and improve concentration while acquiring a new skill.

Inclusive education helps socially excluded kids develop their skills and confidence.

Once the fundraiser is completed and Donatekart procures and delivers the goods Satya Special School, the school bags, notebooks and stationery will be distributed at the beginning of the academic year to 110 children at AICE. The art materials, which include canvas boards, paints, brushes and paper for quilling, will be used to provide art therapy sessions and go a long way in dignifying the learning process of these socially excluded children.

The fund raised will help 110 children have a secure and stable future.
Art therapy for children with disabilites
by Satya Special School
24 July 2019

Thank you for your generous contribution. With your support, we successfully completed the fundraiser! The amount raised was used to buy school bags, set of 5 notebooks, pencils, pens and art materials for 110 children.

The bags have helped children in the rural areas carry their books comfortably to school. The art materials were used to provide art therapy sessions to children with disabilities. This has resulted in improving their mood swings, help them identify colours and improve their emotional well-being.