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Blankets & nets for tribal trainees

Focus: Rural Development

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WINTERS in hilly Koraput are intensely cold and mosquitoes are a menace. Help CYSD procure blankets and mosquito nets for their 68-bed livelihood training centre for participants from rural and tribal areas.

For two decades, CYSD have been providing skills and capacity-building training for women's self-help groups, farmers, youth and community-based organisations from the surrounding areas.

The centre hosts five three-day training programmes for 30 trainees in each batch every month. The blankets and mosquito nets provided to the trainees have endured their share of wear and tear and need to be replaced.

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Support CYSD so they can make their trainees' experiences more comfrotable.

This Fundraiser has been extended so CYSD can participate in our #UnTaxYourGiving campaign.


During the winter months, the temperatures in Koraput drop significantly, and the worn-out blankets currently provided are no longer warm or durable. The old mosquito nets now have holes in them, rendering them useless, and putting trainees at risk of malaria and dengue. Instead of subjecting them to cold nights and using toxic smoke-emitting mosquito coils, CYSD want to replace the blankets and mosquito nets in the training centre's dormitories.

The centres hosts almost 2000 trainees a year, and is in need of new blankets and mosquito nets.

CYSD need 64 poly cotton mosquito nets for single and double beds, and 68 woollen blankets. Once the Fundraiser has closed, CYSD will purchase the mosquito nets and woollen blankets and replace the old ones for the new batch of trainees.

New mosquito nets and blankets will replace the old ones at the centre.