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Blankets & soap for rescued minors

Focus: Children and Youth , Education , Health

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KIDS rescued from abuse or vulnerable situations, some as young as six years old, are given protection in CINI's shelter homes. Fund toiletries, blankets and stationery for the urgent care of 100 such children.

On average 174 children go missing every day in India - and half remain untraced. For more than four decades CINI have been working towards saving children from dangers of homelessness, abandonment and abuse - and helping to reunite them with their families or rehouse in safe environments.

The blankets, bedsheets, stationery and hygiene kits will help care for the traumatised children currently in CINI's shelters.

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Fundraiser Timeline

Every donation will go towards providing necessary care to rescued children.

The fundraiser has been extended to give CINI more time to reach their target.


The children at CINI’s shelters are often victims of trafficking, kidnapping, homelessness or violence - and are undernourished and in distress when they arrive. Having access to basic toiletries such as soap and toothpaste as well as the security of warm blankets are important for restoring their health. CINI also provide informal educational support and counselling for the children for which they need books and pens to write and draw.

The blankets and hygiene kits help keep kids at the shelter homes healthy.

Once the fundraiser is closed and CINI will procure and distribute the books, hygiene kits, bedsheets and blankets to the boys and girls at their separate shelter homes in Kolkata. These will help in restoring their health and keep the minors busy and involved in activities while CINI search for their families or make other arrangements for their welfare.

The funds raised will benefit 100 kids at the shelter homes