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Books & bags for 25 rural poor kids

Focus: Education

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CHILDREN of rural poor agricultural families in this part of Tamil Nadu are deprived of an education as they lack basic school materials. Just ₹2,000 will equip one child with a backpack and books for a year.

The communities living in this remote hilly region of Kalakad are isolated and often lack access to basic facilities such as electricity and water. Their low-paying jobs and uncertain wages compound their poor standard of living.

This Fundraiser will support 25 children from the poorest families - belonging to small farmers, day labourers or single-parent households - and orphans.

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Fundraiser Timeline

Every ₹2,000 will buy school books and a bag for one deserving child.

This fundraiser has been extended so Arasan can get closer to their target.

Arasan Rural Development Society have raised enough to equip 10 children with school books and a bag.


Without books for each subject, students cannot follow along during lessons nor can they do homework. Not having school supplies that everyone else does also negatively affects a child's self-worth and ability to learn. For children who already feel marginalised because of their low economic status, such poor learning experiences lead to irregular attendance or dropping out of school altogether.

Learning and retention improves when children have the proper tools.

Kalakad is a hilly, isolated village surrounded by the Western Ghats in the southern tip of Tamil Nadu. And, like many rural communities across the country, it is home to overworked and underpaid daily wage labourers. ARDS' work is to strengthen these communities by providing education, training, rehabilitation and care services to the young and the old.

India’s literacy rate is about 74% - leaving a quarter of the population without basic reading and writing skills. Poverty and illiteracy are closely linked. With the second largest population in the world, India is home to one-third of all world poverty.

Elaine Hunter, journalist, TheirWorld, UK

Poverty and education are inextricably linked, because people living in poverty may stop going to school so they can work, which leaves them without literacy and numeracy skills they need to further their careers.

ChildFund international, US

It was hard work but all worth it. It was a meaningful experience for me. On my part I have gained immensely in terms of learning how to communicate better and to create social change. I am grateful for this opportunity that organisation gave to me.

Selvi, volunteer, Kalakad

25 of the most deserving six-year-olds in Kalakad have already been chosen to receive the school supplies. Once the Fundraiser is complete, school bags, colouring books, and prescribed textbooks for each subject for all four terms will be purchased and distributed to the children who can now go to school with confidence and learn joyfully!

Children who learn joyfully, learn for life!
Books & bags for 13 children.
by Arasan Rural Development Society
12 July 2019

Thank you for raising 2o,603/- to help buy books & bags for 13 children.

Students of St. Joseph Matriculation School, Kalakad were provided with Long & Short Notebooks, Pens, Writing pad, Sketches, Pencils, Erasers and a School Bag. These children usually drop out of school and are often victims of child labour.

Aiswarya. M used to work with her mother doing household chores, with no time to enjoy her childhood. ARDS Education support program changed her life completely. She now studies in class II and was one of the beneficiaries of your contribution.

Nambi Gothai is 13 years old and his father is a daily wage earner. Nambi spent most of his childhood in picking up rags. Your generosity has reduced the burden for his family.