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RAGINI is one of four girls from the slums of Lucknow qualified to play for India in the World Junior Ultimate Championship 2020 in Sweden! Help Project KHEL fund their training, travel and other expenses

For Ragini, who had expressed a desire to play for her country a year ago, it's a dream come true through sheer hard work. The 16-year-old is up at 6am to train, go to school, work as a domestic help before returning home to do more chores.

This is the life of all four teenagers - Ragini, sisters Manju and Sanju, and Suruli - who will be part of the 22-member junior women's team to participate in the tournament.

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Support the journey of these four champions.


With just over two years' training in the game and beating all odds, to excel at the international level is a huge achievement. It has made the girls role models to both sexes in their underserved communities. They will train at camps with teammates from other cities, almost all of whom will be from affluent backgrounds. Plus to travel to Sweden, play against and meet teams from across the world is bound to be a life-changing experience for all.

The four girls will be representing India at the Ultimate Junior World Championship.

My girls have done so well, reached these heights in life only because of Project KHEL’s constant support and encouragement and now that they will be representing the country abroad!

Seema Kushwaha, Sanju & Manju’s mother, Lucknow

These girls are unbelievably smart! Just by how they carry themselves, walk and talk, it is impossible to guess the kind of struggle they have had to go through to reach here

Aviral Jain, Global Marketing, Microlit

The funds raised will be used to get the four girls tournament ready. In the run up to the Championships in July 2020, the girls will join their teammates at four or five training camps. Each training camp may be at a different city and travel, accommodation and food costs will also have to be borne for the four athletes and one chaperone. Besides, in between camps, equipment and nutritional supplies will also be a cost

The girls have been training for a little over two years.