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Clothing for 30 destitute elders

Focus: Elderly Care

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OLD age can be cruel, especially when the elderly become a financial burden on families on meagre incomes and are often abandoned. Help Arasan fund clothing for 30 such vulnerable senior citizens in their care.

When old age begins to set in, the individual changes - physically, mentally, emotionally - and often can no longer contribute as they used to. Arasan's home in Nanguneri takes in - for free - elderly women and men whose families cannot or will not provide shelter for them.

This fundraiser will provide for clothing and footwear - @ ₹1,099 for a woman and ₹1,250 for a man - for the destitute elders at the home.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Your contribution will provide new clothes and shoes for the elderly at Arasan's old-age home.

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The home provides accommodation, food, basic medication and clothes to the all elderly living there, who are usually aged 60 and above, from poor families and have been neglected or abandoned. The staff at the home not only address their basic needs, but also try and relieve their emotional pain and loneliness by giving them affection and care. Help Arasan continue to provide these bare necessities at no cost to the elderly or their families.

Staff at the old-age home provide constant assistance and care to the elderly there.

A majority of the population in Tirunelveli work as agricultural labourers with unreliable income and living under tight financial constraints. Because of this, families are unable to properly care for the elderly who are abandoned or put into care. Sometimes when the younger generation leave the district to seek better employment opportunities in big cities, they put their ageing parents in the home assured that they will be looked after.

India is home to one-eighth of the world’s elderly. Most of them spend their whole lives as informal workers and have no retirement security other than the hope that their children will care for them in their old age.

Moin Qazi, The Asian Age, January 2019

In India, more than half of the population of older persons, particularly in rural areas, continue to suffer from financial problems leading to a miserable situation in old age and about two-third... depend on others for their day-to-day maintenance.

Richa Taneja, NDTV, October 2016

There are 17 women and 13 men currently living in the old-age home. Through this Fundraiser, the women will receive a new saree, shoes and socks, and the men will receive trousers, shirts, shoes and socks. Once the Fundraiser closes, Arasan will purchase the clothes and distribute it to them.

All 30 women and men will receive new clothes and shoes.