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Desks to get schoolgirls off floor

Focus: Education, Girl Child

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GIRLS at Pardada Pardadi school sit on hard classroom floors every day for their lessons. Gift these eager students desks with benches to rid them of this uncomfortable distraction and focus on their studies.

Young girls attending the PPES school sit on concrete floors, without complaining, just to have the opportunity to learn. The lack of proper seating is not only a discomfort and distraction, but can also lead to improper postures and future health problems.

PPES have worked for years now to remove barriers to girls’ education in Anupshahr, and providing each girl a desk will go a long way in helping her study.

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Help 93 girls make their place in the world by making place for them in their classrooms

PPES have managed Rs.49006, enough for 24 desks and benches! This fundraiser also received our first wedding donations before our wedding feature was even ready! :)


Lack of infrastructure and basic amenities in schools are just one obstacle students face while pursuing quality education in India. For girls at PPES' school sitting on hard concrete floors is not only tiring, but it also makes writing their lessons very difficult. Improving their learning space with basic furniture will affect how they learn and interact with each other, as well as improve their classroom experience, posture and handwriting.

Sitting on hard concrete floors is uncomfortable and not conducive to writing during lessons

In the small village of Anupshahr in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulundshahr district, families did not always send their daughters to school – either due to poverty or because parents felt they belonged at home doing chores. Over the last 15 years, PPES have worked to change the community’s mentality and give these girls a free education. Something as basic as a desk will improve the learning environment as well as appeal to new students who wish to join.

Drawing and writing is so much more comfortable when sitting at a desk.

Himani, class 7, Anupshahr, U.P

I love the classrooms that have desks. Winters here are very cold and the days we have to sit on the floor I shiver all day instead of studying.

Anshu, class 6, Anupshahr, U.P

When students don’t have a proper place to sit, you cannot expect quality education.

Aakanksha Gulati, Teach For India City Director, New Delhi

Each desk and attached bench costs PPES ₹2,000 to build and will comfortably accommodate three students. These desks will be put to good use by girls in classes 6 through 12. After successfully raising funds to cover the cost of 54 desks out of a required 85, the school needs just another ₹62,000 to build the remaining 31 desks.

Something as basic to a classroom as desks will hugely improve the learning environment
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