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EDUCATION of a girl often takes a backseat in families fighting poverty. But it hasn't deterred Nikita and Kirti from excelling and aspiring to be chartered accountants. Help Aatmaja fund their coaching.

"Being a girl child in a family of economic distress made Kirti’s higher studies nearly impossible, until we intervened," say Aatmaja who have identified Kirti and Nitika, studying first year and second year B.Com respectively. Both are diligent students of high caliber despite their families being on the bread line.

Aatmaja are supporting the girls through college but need help to pay their coaching fees for the CA exams @ ₹40k each.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Fund Kirti and Nitika's CA coaching classes.

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Nobody in Kirti’s family knows what a CA is. Her father works in a paper production factory and Nitika’s father is an auto rickshaw driver. Both their mothers are homemakers and the girls are the first in their families to go for higher education. They have excelled in their studies so far with first class marks at school. Taking the entrance exams for a respected profession is a chance to break free from the vicious cycle of poverty.

Aatmaja trains, supports and guides numerous girls every year.

Aatmaja currently fund the girls’ college and extra class fees, plus books and transport. Both girls are studying B.Com and need to start their coaching for the tough CA exam soon. Once the fees for the entrance exams are funded, Kirti and Nitika will be able to undergo coaching and simultaneously undertake Aatmaja’s career counselling and special training to instil confidence and increase their employability.

Special training is conducted by Aatmaja to increase employability.