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Donate your coffee to feed 30 kids

Focus: Health , Children and Youth

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MOST in Calcutta Rescue's schools live below the poverty line and look forward to the nutritious lunch they're given. Give ₹253 - the price of two coffees - and buy a day's staples for a class of 30 children.

Children from food-insecure homes often lag behind peers on a healthy diet in terms of physical and cognitive development. The effects of this are long-term and multiple, from weak immune systems and malnutrition to learning disabilities and behavioural issues.

To prevent this, Calcutta Rescue's nutritional programme is carefully designed with rice, dal, soya bean, eggs and veggies served for lunch at school.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

Thank you for your donation! People like you are creating a new generation of givers

Fundraiser Timeline

A successful fundraiser would feed the children of Tala Park School lunch for 6 months!

This fundraiser has been extended until the end of the month! More time means more lunches for the kids at Tala Park School!

The funds raised is enough to feed the whole school for 19 days!

Donatekart has delivered the food rations to Calcutta Rescue.


A child that is weak and malnourished is less likely to focus in class and will end up not attending school due to constant illness. Providing nourishing school meals so they are well-fed will give the children a much greater chance of having academic success and eventually changing their lives for the better.

Being fed and satisfied will allow a child to focus in class.

Calcutta Rescue are raising funds for rice, dal, soya bean and oil to make midday meals for six months at their Tala Park school. ₹253 will provide one lunch to 30 children, while ₹1,517 will feed the whole school for a day. If the Fundraiser is 100% successful, 180 students will receive wholesome meals for six months. Donatekart will procure the non-perishable food items and deliver to Calcutta Rescue within a week of the order confirmation.

Wholesome meals are crucial to a child's development.
Rations for Tala Park school
by Calcutta Rescue
26 July 2018

Through this fundraiser, we managed to raise ₹30,001! With the funds raised, we opted for 252 litres of cooking oil and 140 kgs of masoor dal, which Donatekart delivered to us within two weeks. Oil and dal are essential rations which will make up a part of the nutritous lunches we will provide our students at Tala Park school. 

Now our students can just enjoy their healthy midday meals and focus on their studies!