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Ease loneliness for the elderly

Focus: Elderly Care

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LONELINESS and loss of self-worth affect the mental and physical health of senior citizens. Contribute towards a recreation centre to help 200 such elders find companionship and access to enjoyable activities.

One in two elderly men and women suffers from loneliness in India. Spending all day at home without a purpose can be depressing. Moreover, in this world of hyper-connectedness, many don’t know how to use mobiles or computers which help them keep in touch with loved ones.

A recreation centre where they could interact with each other, exchange knowledge and learn new skills would keep them engaged as well as healthy.

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The recreation centre will benefit around 200 elderly people in Washim!


A fully-equipped recreation centre for seniors in Wasim will help them socialise with their peers and participate in acquiring new skills. For those who have been leading busy lives, the the twilight years can be daunting. Engaging in activities such as reading in the library, watching films as a group, meeting for discussions and learning how to use a computer will stimulate their mind and give them something to look forward to every day.

One in two elderly men and women suffers from loneliness in India.

There are no recreation centres at Washim where elderly can regularly meet. There is a strong network of senior citizens in the area but they don’t have place to socialise and learn new skills. Social interaction not only builds a sense of support within the community but the lack of it can sometimes impair cognitive function over a period of time. There are more than 200 senior citizens in the area who will benefit from the project.

A senior citizen recreation centre is not available in entire city - it will be great if someone takes the initiative.

Vitthalrao Haribhau Solanke, beneficiary, Washim

Same age people interaction can make a life a little easier and it can be achieved through a centre for senior citizens.

Shesherao Surushe, beneficiary, Lakhala

Only 10 percent elders consider physical health to be a challenge whereas 66 percent are worried about maintaining their social life and everyday needs.

'Jug Jug Jiyenge' survey, IVH Senior Care, Noida

Universal Versatile Society plan to use the funds to first find a large enough hall to rent as the recreation centre. In it they will set up a library and install a television, projector and computer, 50 chairs and four tables. Once set up, the NGO will reach out to the more than 200 senior citizens in Washim. The ₹3lakh Fundraiser target also includes a year's salary for a caretaker for the place and to help the seniors with activities.

The recreation centre will encourage the elderly to socialise and engage in new activities.