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English skills for college girls

Focus: Education , Girl Child

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IN India, English communications skills are an entry to successful college careers and wider employment options. Fund lessons for 50 bright girls at ₹5,000 each and give them better access to opportunities.

The lack of English skills hamper even the brightest and most eager girls who mainly come from disadvantaged backgrounds with little exposure to the language. They find it difficult to follow classes in college as they are largely conducted in English.

To address this Aatmaja Foundation have partnered with English communications training startup WordsMaya to improve the chances and opportunities of selected students.

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₹5,000 will equip one girl with English speaking skills.

Aatmaja have raised enough to equip 45 girls with English speaking skills.


Most girls that Aatmaja work with come from poor families and attend Marathi medium government schools - thus not getting a chance to learn English. Unless the girls get a good grasp of the language, they begin falling behind at college as the medium of instruction is English. This negatively affects their grades and, in turn, further education or employment opportunities. A course previously conducted with ten girls showed positive results.

WordsMaya's course will give the girls speaking skills and higher confidence.

According to the New World Health Report, Pune is considered one of the fastest growing cities in the Asia Pacific region, and is an emerging manufacturing and IT hub. However, at 81% the female literacy rate is much lower than the 90% male literacy rate, which means fewer girls are learning English and even fewer are entering the ever-growing workforce in these sectors that is full of opportunities and career possibilities.

Reports indicate that students coming out of higher education have less employability. Analysis shows that students are intelligent, but lack communication skills. So it takes them longer to mix in with their industries' culture and make progress.

Prof. A. D. Shaligram, Registrar, Pune University, Pune

I faced many problems understanding concepts in 11th standard because I am from a Marathi medium school. My confidence in English was low but because of WordsMaya, I am now very confident and can speak without hesitation.

Priyanka Bachkar, beneficiary, Pune

My word power has enhanced, I got the knowledge of correct use of grammar in a sentence. To convey my thoughts I am improving my vocabulary, fluency and sentence structure. Most importantly - I got the confidence to speak in front of others.

Gayatri Baraj, beneficiary, Pune

Every ₹5,000 will cover the costs for spoken English course for one girl, equipping them to communicate fluently. The group training sessions will be held one a week where the trainer will hold workshops. During the rest of the week, the girls will receive one-on-one training through other means like Facebook Messenger.

Through training, the girls will be able to converse fluently in English.