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Equip 1,800 dropouts for employment

Focus: Livelihoods , Children and Youth

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DROPOUTS are given an opportunity by Bright Future to get jobs and become change leaders in their underprivileged communities. Fund stationery and portfolio folders to equip the young aspirants for interviews.

Bright Future’s three-month livelihood programme helps dropouts from disadvantaged backgrounds develop themselves through employment skills training, career development, mentoring support and work opportunities.

Every year, each of the 1,800 youth who enrol in the programme are guided through the placement process and to interviews. The portfolios and stationery will help them be better prepared for these.

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Help 1800 youths be better prepared for life-changing job interviews.

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Over the years Bright Future have worked with 13,800+ youth and under their livelihood programme 65% have got jobs after intensive training. But often dropouts don't have essential documents such as Aadhaar and PAN cards in place when they go for interviews. Bright Future create portfolio folders for them detailing the documents required and their purpose, which helps them understand the importance of each and keeping them ready.

The Livelihood Program helps underprivileged dropouts rise above their circumstances.

Once the fundraiser closes and Donatekart receives confirmation, the items will be procured and delivered to Bright Future. At the start of the academic year, the portfolios and stationery kits will be distributed to the youths enrolled in the Livelihood Programme held in their nine centres. Each stationery kit will include a notebook, pen, pencil, eraser, and scale. 1,800 young people will benefit from the fundraiser over the period of the year.

The funds raised will benefit 1800 youth in the next academic year.