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Feed 70 special needs children

Focus: Children and Youth , Disability , Health

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CHILDREN with disabilities from poor families tend to face a life of neglect due to a lack of access to specialised care. Samerth's Daycare Centre nurture 70 such children, and need funds for food rations.

Impoverished daily wage workers with physically and mentally challenged children are unable to create a normal life for their offspring, who need special attention. Nor are they able to fulfil a basic need of giving them nutritious food on a regular basis. The Daycare Centre provides not only a space for special children to develop their abilities, knowledge and skills in a safe and non-judgmental environment, but also health-packed meals.

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Fundraiser Timeline

This Fundraiser will support 70 disabled children in Ahmedabad.

Samerth have extended this Fundraiser so they can get closer to their target.

Donkatekart will be delivering food rations soon!


Receiving proper nutrition at the Centre has helped children make quicker progress in the various therapies and trainings they are undergoing - as they concentrate better on full stomachs. For parents struggling to make ends meet, the guarantee of food also encourages them to send their special needs children to the Daycare Centre - and this has especially mattered for poor disabled girl children who suffer discrimination for multiple reasons.

Children at the Centre receive therapy, training and care.

Samerth are raising funds for sugar, jaggery, wheat flour and channa which will help feed 70 children at their Daycare Centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Once the Fundraiser is complete, Donatekart will procure the rations and deliver them within a week of getting the order confirmation.

Healthy meals will be provided to the children at the Centre.