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Five bright girls need college fees

Focus: Education, Girl Child

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RADHA has repeatedly scored first class marks in her exams and is in the final year of a BA degree. Like her, high achievers Nandini, Rekha, Vidya and Vaideshwari too need to pay their college fees by November.

For these spunky young girls, all nurtured by Baale Mane, higher education is a dream they had never imagined possible.

Vaideshwari, 19, has enrolled to study Sociology, Kannada and Journalism for her BA. While Nandini and Rekha, who came to Baale after being rescued from the streets, are making sure to leave their past firmly behind by getting a degree under their belts. Girls’ rights campaigner Vidya, orphaned by 14, is doing the same.

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So far raised enough to pay for Radha's final 2 semesters

An overseas donor was so moved by this Fundraiser, she has given directly to Baale Mane. So all five girls are sorted for this academic year!

Exam results are out and the girls have done well! Read News Feed below, or on your Profile Page if you have donated to this Fundraiser


For young women from disadvantaged backgrounds, education beyond school and to the highest level possible is their best ticket to lead independent, sustainable lives. These five young women will not only have access to better job opportunities once they graduate, they will also be shining role models for all their 37 younger sisters in Baale Mane.

Clockwise from right: Vaideshwari, Rekha, Nandini, Radha and Vidya

We feel grateful to Baale Mane for having given us this opportunity to help better the lives of young girls. The girls are brilliant and exhibit so much talent and excellence in everything that they do.

Mayflower Language Services, Bengaluru

Baale Mane’s dedicated Independence Care Coordinator and team will work with Radha, Nandini, Rekha, Vaideshwari and Vidya to ensure they attend all their college tutorials and pass their exams. Once Nandini and Radha graduate in June 2017, Baale will help them find suitable employment, while Rekha, Vidya and Vaideshwari will continue with their degree courses.

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Flying colours!
by Baale Mane
17 March 2017

Exams are over and our five Baale girls have done brilliantly! 

Nandini (B.Com) and Radha (B.A.) have passed their 5th semester examinations with First Class and are working hard for their final semester in college. They are both starting to think about possible career options after they graduate.

Rekha (B.A.), Vaideshwari (B.A. Journalism) and Vidya (B.Com) have also done well in their 1st semester examinations and are enjoying their first year of college. In the summer, Baale Mane will be organising work shadowing and internship opportunities for the three of them.

Meanwhile, the girls had a lovely time back at the home with their sisters over the Holi weekend.

Home for Diwali
by Baale Mane
02 Nov. 2016

All five girls were at home with us for Diwali - a much-needed time-off as they prepare for their exams later this month. 

Here’s a shot of Vidya with some younger girls participating in our Rangoli competition. They love visiting Baale Mane and its tranquil surroundings when they can - it gives them a refreshing break from the city, managing their independent lives and keeping on top of their studies. 

Join us in wishing them luck for their exams!