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Free children from birth defect

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EVERY year, 35,000 babies are born with cleft lip or palate in India - and currently one million need surgery. Help Mission Smile give this life changing op for free to five such children of poor families.

This congenital facial deformity and its debilitating effects are hard to bear for any child - let alone one born into poverty.

Children with cleft conditions who haven’t received corrective surgery are among the most marginalised in the world. Their families too face extreme social ostracisation. Mission Smile's low-cost treatment, which includes surgery and before and after care, can dramatically transform lives.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Corrective surgery can give children everlasting smiles. Help Mission Smile achieve this!

Mission Smile have extended their fundraiser so it can be featured during #GivingTuesdayIndia!

Mission Smile has raised ₹19,710 to cover part of the costs of one corrective surgery.

Asavari receives cleft surgery! Check out the news feed for more. :)


There are an estimated one million untreated cleft children and young adults in India. Left uncorrected, cleft conditions not only cause physical difficulties in feeding, breathing and speech which become more severe over time, but affected children also face social challenges such as discrimination, rejection and isolation. Children with untreated cleft are less likely to go to school, and later find employment or get married.

Surgery ensures children are no longer shunned by the community - and brings back smiles

About 26% of West Bengal's population live in extreme poverty with limited access to healthcare. Annually, more than 1,200 children are born with cleft deformities, with 35,000 currently awaiting treatment. Here, especially among weaker socio-economic communities, this congenital condition is perceived as a "curse" due to unawareness of its causes, resulting in cruel discrimination, rejection and isolation.

I will no more be embarrassed to look into the mirror.

Raju Prasad, patient, Noida

First mission with Mission Smile. Very impressive set-up and professional working atmosphere. Especially good organisation of patient care.

Dr. Jurgen Lichtenstein, University of Kiel, Germany

The journey has finally begun, now didi will play with me and I will have friends at school.

Minki, patient, Malda

Dedicated short-term plastic surgical programmes for cleft lip and cleft palate can have a substantial clinical and economic impact in resource-poor settings.

Dr. Christopher D. Hughes, Massachusetts, US

This mission gave me new friends, new experiences and above all new satisfaction to make kids smile better.

Dr. Ganesh Doiphode, Aurangabad

I want to congratulate the chairman and Board of Trustees of Mission Smile for creating and establishing a state of the art cleft centre in Assam.

Ghulam Nabi Azad, former union minister for Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

Amazing story of taking care of people who need most. Cannot describe the joy you bring to so many.

S. Ramadorai, ex-vice chairman, Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai

Mission Smile will first identify five economically disadvantaged cleft-affected children from rural West Bengal, who will be brought to Kolkata, along with their parents, for surgery. The young patient will receive comprehensive care, which includes interventions in speech, dental, ENT and nutrition, plus check-ups. The children will be treated by credentialed surgeons and anaesthetists with years of experience in cleft care and surgery.

Parents will accompany cleft-affected children to Kolkata to receive comprehensive care
Asavari gives us a smile
by Mission Smile
13 March 2018

Your donation went towards part of the costs of cleft lip surgery for Asavari from Hirkani Wadi.

When Asavari was born, her parents Mahesh and Karuna were shattered to see their first-born with a cleft lip. They were unaware of what a cleft lip was and couldn't help her. Asavari had difficulties eating, meaning she received less nutrients and began suffering from malnutrition.

The cost of surgery would always send her parents back home from hospitals - until they found out about our medical camp and free surgeries. Now Asavari has a beautiful new smile and is beginning to get her health back.