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Free Goa from plastic & help kids

Focus: Environment , Livelihoods

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GOA generates 40 tonnes of plastic waste every day. Help Mitsuko Trust enable the production of a locally sourced, biodegradable alternative to throwaway products - and reduce single-use plastic consumption.

This project is in response to their children repeatedly voicing concern over plastic pollution during discussions about issues that affect their lives in bal panchayats.

The trust have identified an enterprise making products with leaves and nuts of the Areca tree - found abundantly in Goa - and plan to set up a similar unit, employing women and young adults. Help them purchase the required machine for the unit.

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Areca trees grow in abundance all around the state and good quality products can be made out of the leaves and nuts, which are completely biodegradable and can be eaten by cows. Mitsuko have been spreading awareness among women self-help groups alternatives to plastic, as well as producing them as a source of livelihood. The ultimate goal would be to convert users of throwaway plastic - in the community and tourists - to alternatives.

This project aims to replace plastic with biodegradable products made from areca leaves and nuts.

Despite Goa’s pioneering legislation way back in 1996 about non-biodegradable waste, it continues to generate large amounts of plastic waste - the thriving tourism industry being a major contributor. Amid growing environmental concerns, in July 2019 the government banned single-use plastics in the state - and making alternatives available is imperative and will make it easier to enforce the ban.


Mitsuko Trust will identify women self help groups who need a source of livelihood and raise awareness about areca products among them. The trust has also found a manufacturer - one of only two in Goa - who will train the women, help set up a production unit and do quality control. The funds raised will be used to buy the machine required to make products - such as plates - which the manufacturer will buy and sell under their brand name.

Implementation of the project will tackle plastic pollution and empower women.