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WHEN abandoned girls arrive at Baale Mane most are severely undernourished - the plight of 36% of Indian women, say UNICEF. Support Baale in nurturing their young wards with wholesome, nutritious food.

The lack of a balanced diet from a young age starves the body of nutrients and adversely affects both physical and mental health. Providing their minor girls with three healthy, home-cooked meals a day is at the heart of Baale's care and wellbeing programme.

The impact of this intervention means that within a year of the girls arriving, they are visibly healthier, stronger and grow at least a foot in height!

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Make a meal of your donation - just ₹80 is enough to give a girl breakfast, lunch and dinner :)

Fundraiser closed early! Baale Mane has raised enough to provide a day's meals for 44 girls for a week.


A key factor to the high rates of child malnutrition in India is the low status of women, which is directly related to UNICEF's estimate of 36% of Indian women being chronically undernourished from childhood. This, in turn, affects maternal and child health and creates an intergenerational cycle of malnourishment. Part of Baale's duty of care has been to focus on the nutritional intake of their girls so they grow up to be healthy, strong women.

Ensuring the girls' physical and mental wellbeing is the focus of Baale Mane's programme.

The girls at Baale Mane come from different regions of Karnataka, where 1.2million children are said to be malnourished. According to a report filed in December 2011 in the Supreme Court, 44% of children under the age of five in the state are stunted and 38% are underweight - and both metrics are strong indicators of undernourishment.

Widespread nutrition deprivation among women perpetuates an inter-generational cycle of nutrition deprivation in children. Undernourished girls grow up to become undernourished women who give birth to a new generation of undernourished children.

Karin Hulshof, Country Representative to India, UNICEF, India

Over the decade (2005-15), there has been an overall reduction in the infant mortality rate and under-five mortality rate in India, yet the country is housing about 50 per cent of undernourished children of the world.

ASSOCHAM and EY report, 2017, India

After coming to Baale, I understood the importance of eating healthy food and thinking about what goes in my body. My immunity has improved greatly.

Kavita, 12, Bengaluru

Providing three healthy, home-cooked meals a day to 44 girls costs ₹27,000 per week, including a piece of fruit after each meal, a daily egg, an after-school snack and a glass of milk. Meat is given once a week and fish twice a week. Their nutrition is complemented by produce grown in their organic kitchen garden, such as the superfood moringa (drumstick), spinach, tomatoes, ladies fingers, mangoes, papaya and bananas!

Kavita, aged 12, visibly changed from before Baale Mane (L) to after (R).
Healthy meals for 45 girls
by Baale Mane
29 Jan. 2019

With your support, we raised ₹27,805 and successfully completed the fundraiser! The funds raised were used to provide three meals for 45 girls and their caregivers for a week. The girls get healthy home-cooked meals and snacks at the Baale Mane home and carry packed lunch to school which ensures they get their daily nutrition and are able to concentrate well in class.

Thank you for your valuable contribution. The meals will keep the girls healthy and happy.