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Fund a drinking water ATM

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CONSUMING contaminated water can kill. In India the daily human toll from diarrhoea alone is 1,600. Fund Freedom For You’s water ATM in a low-income area of Navi Mumbai which will dispense cheap, safe water.

Freedom For You set up its first water ATM in July 2016 in one of the slum areas of Navi Mumbai, which gives residents pure drinking water 24/7 at the cost of 50paisa per litre.

The second such installation has been planned at the Airoli railway station with an average footfall of 40,000 per day of mainly working class commuters. Once up and running, it will serve the mobile population in the busy station area.

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Contribute to the health of the nation - gift safe, clean, pure drinking water to those who don't have access to it


Access to clean drinking water is a human right. But in India, where 80% of surface water is contaminated by sewage – that right comes at a cost, either to the pocket or to health. Even the quality of treated piped water in cities is deteriorating with rapid urbanisation. And the market rate of Rs 15 per litre of bottled water is prohibitive for most. Installing water ATMs at various locations in Navi Mumbai will fulfil this urgent need.

The water treatment system at the back end of the ATM

In 2016 Maharashtra faced a drought and severe water shortage, which resulted in imposition of water cuts by the municipal authorities. The satellite township of Navi Mumbai, where a third of the population live in slums, was the worst hit with supply cut by 33%. A water ATM dispensing pure potable water 24/7 is one solution to the real dearth of safe drinking water.

Water related crises are identified as the #1 global risk based on impact to society.

World Economic Forum, Global Risks Report, 2015

In urban India alone, no more than 30% of sewage generated by 377 million people flows through treatment plants. The rest is randomly dumped in rivers, seas, lakes and wells, polluting three-fourths of the country’s water bodies…

Chaitanya Mallapur, IndiaSpend.org, January 27, 2016

India ranks a dismal 120 out of 122 nations for its water quality and 133rd out of 180 nations for its water availability.

Unitus Seed Fund, in Forbes India, July 21, 2015

Freedom For You have already identified several locales in Navi Mumbai for their water ATM project, for which they have the necessary permission from the municipal authorities. For the Airoli station installation, that this Fundraiser will contribute to, they are awaiting imminent approval from the planning authorities – but have a standby location in case this is delayed or denied.

The ATM will generate employment for oppressed or single women bread earners of the family
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