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Fund classes for squatter camp kids

Focus: Children and Youth , Education , Social Exclusion

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KEEPING children from ragpicker communities in school prevents child labour, drug addictions and also early marriage. Help provide evening support classes for 25 youngsters at ₹12,000 per child for a year.

Following a successful pilot project at the Topsia Canalside squatter camp, Tiljala SHED want to extend the programme and hold remedial classes at the Park Circus community centre for 25 kids at risk of dropping out due to the financial constraints of their ragpicker parents.

High quality evening tutorials will improve their learning experience and motivate them to remain in school till graduation at class 10 and 12.

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Fundraiser Timeline

At ₹12,000 you can support a child's evening classes for a year, and only ₹1000 to support a child for a whole month!

This fundraiser has been extended so Tiljala SHED have more time to raise funds.

TIljala SHED have raised enough to fund a child's education for nine months.


The children at Park Circus Railway squatter camp are first generation learners whose parents have been engaged in low paid and exploitative work such as rag-picking. Their incomes are inadequate to support whole families, forcing them to make difficult choices regarding their children's futures. Tiljala SHED's evening class programme, which includes material support such as uniform and books, will help them continue with schooling.

Futures are bleak for children forced to drop out.

The squatter camp is home to nearly 10,000 low paid informal workers and their families who live in illegally built shelters next to railway tracks. Children run and play in this area, as trains roll through the day and night, putting them at risk of grave injuries and even death. Providing evening classes will not only keep them out of danger, but will help secure a brighter future where they no longer need to live in such dangerous conditions.

I want to be a software engineer so that I can take care of my parents and move out of this place.

Rehan, 15, Topsia squatter camp

There has been zero dropout from school and the children attending evening classes at the Topsia community centre are committed to remaining in education and making a success of their lives.

Chanchal, Head of Education, Tiljala SHED

I love the evening classes in our Topsia community centre. I am now in class 9 and I really want to be a journalist one day.

Resham, 16, Topsia squatter camp

Classes will run five days a week for children from 6th to 10th standard for a year. The teachers hired will cover the school curriculum and the children will also have computer basics, dance and sports classes. Tiljala SHED will also provide uniforms, tiffin, school books and access to basic health. Just ₹12,000 will support all this for one child for a whole year.

Tiljala SHED will not only provide academic classes, but computer basics, dance and more.