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Fund community library in a slum

Focus: Children and Youth , Education

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NISHIKA Singh, 12, loves to read but the library books in her school are "kept locked up". Shiksha's plan for a free community library has already got children like her excited. Help Shiksha make it a reality.

Nishika, who lives in Sangam Vihar where the proposed library will open, says: "Me and my friends got really excited. I get bored at home after school and we don't have many opportunities nearby. I heard there will be workshops there too!"

She does not leave home after 6pm as the area can be unsafe. A community library, with 1,500 books, will give her and her peers in the area a safe space to read, learn and grow.

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Every contribution will help build a community library.


Textbooks teach children about the world but storybooks help them understand it. The community library will bridge this important gap and strengthen the reading habit, especially for youth from low-income families who are often first-generation readers and have little access to leisure books. The library will also be an active learning lab and thinking space for local youth where workshops to improve fluency and comprehension are also planned.

The community library will develop reading habit of children like Nishika.

Sangam Vihar is the largest slum area in Asia where children have limited educational opportunities and youth often turn to drugs, child labour and crime. It is also unsafe for young people to step out of the house, or the area after dark. A safe space for youth to go to inside the community boundaries, with access to a wider world than the one they inhabit, will encourage children to develop a reading habit and engage in debate and discussion.


The funds raised will be used to buy 1,500 Hindi storybooks for the library. The books will be available for free and children will be encouraged to read them through reading sessions, workshops and discussions. The children will also be provided with opportunities to participate in debates and discussions through talks experts. The plan is to also employ local youth as librarians to inculcate responsibility and create awareness about reading.

Funds raised will ensure disadvantaged children will have access to storybooks.