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Fund costs for poor cancer patients

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FINDING ₹50k to treat a relapse of cancer "was a taller-than-Everest amount" for Moni*, a poor villager in her 50s from West Bengal - till Madat came to her rescue. Donate so Madat can help others like Moni.

Cancer treatment is largely unaffordable for the poor. So, for those like Moni, who bore the cost of treatment the first time, when cancer returns, it can be devastating.

Cope with Cancer, Madat's flagship project, arrange for cancer treatment at discounted rates for the economically challenged. Every ₹8,000 will give a patient access to treatments such as chemotherapy for a month.

*name changed to protect identity

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Cancer is the second most common cause of death in India. Early treatment before it spreads can often arrest the disease. Once diagnosed, patients might need surgery, intensive care, chemotherapy and radiation - the cost of which is too much to bear for needy patients who arrive at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. This is why Madat work closely with TMH and other charitable hospitals to give them financial aid - and a chance at life.

Cancer treatment is expensive and unaffordable for the underprivileged patients.

The funds raised will ensure a month's financial assistance to 50-60 underprivileged patients, identified by medical social workers and screened by Madat, to start, continue or complete their treatment. Besides chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery at TMH and other charitable hospitals in Mumbai, the funds will also cover the costs of medicines at discounted prices.

Every₹8,000 will give a cancer patient access to treatment for a month.