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Fund Dilip's diploma out of poverty

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AN offer from Webel Technologies for a course in 3D animation and filmmaking will give 20-year-old Dilip Mondal real skills for a job - and a passport out of poverty. Help Calcutta Rescue fund his fees.

Having lived his whole life in the Dilerjung slum area in the northern fringes of Kolkata, Dilip has always had it rough. He stays with his family in a 6x8 square feet room with no basic amenities and no stable source of income.

The determined young man managed to remain in school and simultaneously work in a job as a salesman to support his family. He now needs your support to pay for his diploma course.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Help Dilip make his dreams come true!

Target achieved! This fundraiser has closed early and we wish Dilip lots of luck in his design course. :)

Check out the Impact Update to see how Dilip's diploma course is going.


Dilip dreams of changing his family's future and taking them out of poverty. Although he could have opted for a traditional Bachelor's degree in a subject like Commerce, research has shown that the quality of many affordable institutions leave students with worthless degrees. A diploma course at Webel Technologies will give the already artistically inclined Dilip the right creative skills and eventual access to employment and opportunities.

The home Dilip has always lived in.

For the families living in the most impoverished parts of Kolkata, sending their children to school is not easy. Many children who grow up in similar circumstances to Dilip have limited or no access to quality education unless there is intervention from organisations like Calcutta Rescue. For this reason, it is important that when they do manage to get as far as Dilip has, that they are enabled in every way possible to be successful.

Access means little when the quality of education on offer at a majority of higher-education institutions is so poor that it leaves students with worthless degrees and quite lacking in the skills and knowledge required to secure meaningful employment…

Madhvi Gupta and Pushkar, The Wire, 2016

The most telling indicator of the quality of higher education in India currently is the employment outcomes of its graduates.

International Consultants for Education and Fairs, 2015

Dilip's course at Webel Technologies begins on the August 1, 2018. He has enrolled for it and Calcutta Rescue have promised to raise the funds required to cover the costs of his course fees. This Fundraiser is an attempt to do so - so please give as much as you can. Helping Dilip will mean taking a whole family out of poverty and act as role models for other young people in his community.

Receiving this offer letter was Dilip's first major step out of poverty.
Dilip begins his diploma course
by Calcutta Rescue
17 Dec. 2018

Dilip has been enrolled at Webel Technologies for his 3D animation and filmmaking course since August. The course duration is one year, so he still has lots more to learn! He has been progressing and getting better every day, and being in this course has inspired a stronger passion in him. He's always in class, and never skips a day. We're so proud of him!

Pictured here is one of his creations in progress.