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Fund meals for Kamathipura's kids

Focus: Children and Youth , Women , Girl Child , Health

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WOMEN and children in Mumbai's Kamathipura are undernourished. Help AAWC, who empower sex workers with alternative livelihood skills and care for their offspring, sponsor their ration requirements for a month.

Women in brothel-based prostitution have little have access to healthcare and proper nutrition to protect them against diseases. This vulnerability is passed on to their children who risk malnourishment and weak immune systems unless addressed early. The rations will contribute to a healthy diet and provide food security to AAWC's beneficiaries and strengthen their ability to fight communicable infections prevalent in the red light area.

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99 young and adolescent children, and 200 women will benefit from this Fundraiser.


Due to time constraints, the women are unable to cook food for themselves or their children every day and end up relying on street food which is quick and easy, but made from low-quality ingredients, with little attention paid to nutritional value. This frequently makes them all sick, which is why AAWC have carefully created diet charts for their beneficiary groups based on their nutritional needs.

3 meals are ensured for every child.

AAWC are raising funds for rice, oil, dal, sugar, salt, rawa, ghee and poha. The target amount will buy enough rations for three meals a day for 99 young and adolescent children and 200 women for a whole month. Once the Fundraiser is complete, Donatekart will procure the rations and deliver them to AAWC within a week of getting the order confirmation.

Healthy meals will be cooked with the donated rations.