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Fund op so Vanita can see again

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A PROGRESSIVE eye disorder that severely affects vision has forced Vanita* to stop working. Help GVF provide the surgery and treatment required so the 16-year-old orphan can see again - and earn her own living.

Vanita has keratoconus, a degenerative condition which usually onsets in the teenage years, in both eyes - but her left eye needs immediate surgery.

GVF's mission is to ensure that those whose vision is at risk because they cannot afford medical intervention, or don't have proper papers for treatment at charitable hospitals, are provided free eye surgery. Vanita is one such person.

*Name changed to protect identity

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Help GVF raise ₹25,000 so Vanita can have her vision back.

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Vanita's mother died of tuberculosis in March this year and she has never known her father. The young teen has been living with her aunt and grandmother who are struggling to make ends meet. Vanita used to be employed as a domestic worker but her steadily blurring vision made it impossible for her to continue. With eye surgery she will be able to start working again and also return to education to boost her job prospects.

Regaining vision will help Vanita return to school (representative image)

The foundation takes a holistic approach to the wellbeing of each patient – after working towards restoring their vision, they also orient the patients back into society, so they can lead normal lives.

Ritika Rele, volunteer, Mumbai

The reason that I have continued to be associated with GVF is their sheer honesty, transparency and accountability. The patients we serve are genuine and valid.

Navmeen Ilak Khot, volunteer, Navi Mumbai

Funding for patients such as Vanita is GVF's priority because of her family and financial situation. The "deep anterior lammellar keratoplasty" that she needs in her left eye will cost ₹25,000. Once the funds are raised, the organisation will facilitate this surgery at no cost to Vanita and her family.

GVF work with highly skilled medical professionals to bring free surgery to patients.