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Fund rations for children's homes

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FOR the 179 orphaned and abandoned children living in Udayan Ghars, coming together at meal times is an important part of their daily routine. Gift dry rations for one child for a whole month for just ₹833.

Udayan Care's homes follow a "Group Care" model in which committed mentor parents, social workers and supervisors work together to nurture and shower love on every child in one of their 14 homes across India.

Making sure that balanced and wholesome food is provided at all meals ensures that each child grows up physically and mentally fit, and is able to pursue their education, dreams and aspirations.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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At only ₹833, you can fund a child's meals for a whole month.

Udayan Care need more time, so this Fundraiser has been extended.

Udayan Care have raised enough to fund meals for a month for 18 children.


Udayan Care provide the children living in their homes overall care, from a family to live with, healthy food, quality education, to love and guidance. Their teams work hard to nurture each child individually so they can go on to carve out successful careers and lead fulfilling lives. Research shows that without proper nutrition, children have poor attention and are less likely to learn at school, which is why healthy and balanced meals matter.

Proper nutrition ensures children are healthy and happy.

Udayan Care do some excellent work with the children that they home - providing shelter, food, an education and most importantly a sense of family.

Mukul, volunteer, Gurugram

It was an amazing learning experience. The work assigned suits your interest. Since this is a volunteer driven organisation, my work had immense value to the organisation.

Shikhar, voluneer, New Delhi

Had a wonderful time here interning with Udayan Care. Learned so much about the world and also myself. Anyone can come make an impact on these children's lives if you really want to and have the heart to do some good.

Yllan G, volunteer, New Delhi

The funds raised will be used to buy dry rations which will be distributed across 14 Udayan Care homes, according to each home's needs in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Kurukshetra and Jaipur. Wheat, rice, pulses, salt and sugar will be bought for the homes for 179 children, aged between 6 and 18 years.

Dry rations will be distributed to Udayan Care homes across the country.
Dry rations for 18 children
by Udayan Care
19 Dec. 2018

With the funds raised, we purchased dry rations such as wheat, salt, sugar and rice, which we distributed across 14 Udayan Care homes. The rations are going towards cooking nutritious and wholesome food for 18 children, aged 6 to 18.

One such child is Shalu who came under the care of Udayan Care in 2011 after her parents passed away while living on the streets. Despite her loss, Shalu always worked hard in school and has been on a mission to make the most out of her new life. The balanced diet she receives at the home gives her lots of energy to be able to focus and learn in school.