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Fund rice, dal for 45 minor girls

Focus: Girl Child , Health

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ONE in four children in India are malnourished, adversely affecting their growth and development. Fund dry rations requirements for six months so Baale can provide their girls with three square meals a day.

The girls arriving at Baale Mane are often severely undernourished, their bodies depleted of essential nutrients. This makes a balanced diet crucial to bring them back to health and for maintaining their stable growth, mentally and physically.

Home-cooked meals with the staples listed for this Fundraiser and vegetables from their garden ensure the continuing well-being of the 45 young girls currently at Baale Mane.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Help Baale Mane provide healthy meals to 45 girls!

The funds raised will go ensuring healthy meals for the girls at Baale Mane.


Nutrition and education go hand in hand. Undernourished children don’t perform well at school and underperform when compared to their well-nourished peers. Moreover, nutritional deficiencies affects their immune system, make them prone to catching infections and conditions such as anaemia - especially in adolescent girls - affecting their development. A balanced and regular diet are important for them to develop to their full potential.

A balanced diet will help these girls grow into healthy and strong women.

A focus on women’s nutrition and their empowerment to make informed choices about the nutrition and well-being of their children will make of India a global leader.

-Karen Hulshof, Regional Director for East Asia and the Pacific, UNICEF, India

After coming to Baale, I understood the importance of eating healthy food and thinking about what goes in my body. My immunity has improved greatly.

Kavita, 12, Baale Mane, Gopalapura, Bengalurur

Once the fundraiser is complete, Donatekart will procure and deliver the dry rations to Baale Mane within two weeks. The total funds will be enough for rice, dal, sugar and wheat for three healthy meals a day for 45 girls and five guardians at the Baale Mane care home in Gopalapura for six months.

The funds raised help provide daily nutritious meals to Baale Mane girls.
Nutritious meals for young girls
by Baale Mane
24 July 2019

Thank you contributing to this fundraiser. The amount raised has helped fund three meals for 45 girls and their caregivers. Baale Mane ensures that the children take nutritious home-cooked lunch and snacks to school. This, in turn, leads to happier girls who are better focused on learning.