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Fund trees to save your future

Focus: Environment , Livelihoods

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ABOUT 48,000 people were displaced after flash floods hit Nagaland last year. Help EA ensure victims have access to food as they rebuild their lives - while adopting measures to prevent such future disasters.

The second flash flood to hit the Northeast in three years, it swept away agricultural fields, homes and livelihoods of farmers. EA's project, 'Donate a tree for the future', aspires to prevent such calamities by planting trees on denuded lands.

To incentivise this, they will give each farmer a kg of rice for every sapling planted and contribute to food security.The funds raised will go towards buying the saplings.

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Every ₹1000 will help buy 10 saplings and boost farmers' food security.

This fundraiser has been extended till the end of the month.


Without trees acting like adhesive, the earth can only soak up a certain amount water before it gives way. The roots hold the soil together and, during strong winds, trees act as barriers and slows the water flow. Planting trees in proximity of each other helps prevent soil erosion while also restoring the ecological balance of the region. In this first phase EA will give 100 saplings @₹100 each to 30 tribal families to help rebuild their lives.

Planting trees will help decrease the intensity of water flow during flash floods.

Nagaland witnessed devastating flash floods last year that caused the loss of 12 lives and swept away bridges and roads. In a number of villages where EA work, farmers lost their terraced fields and landslides have destroyed paddy fields and jhum lands -creating food insecurity. Along with tackling the immediate problem, it’s crucial for the local people to implement measures to tackle natural calamities and the effects of climate change.

Through this project, we have come to understand that trees play a vital role in preventing natural calamities; we will conserve and plant more the vital role in preventing natural calamities; we will conserve and plant more trees.

Neilhouzii, farmer, Thetsumi, Phek district

The floods and landslides had a devastating impact on us last year as we were completely cut off and some households had nothing to eat. By planting trees we are joining a bigger movement and investing in our future.

Tasengulo, farmer, Thetsumi, Phek district

“If you have trees within and around communities, you will not worry too much about flooding as those who have treeless areas.”

Ecologist at NULS-Cifor, Norway

The funds raised will be used to buy up to 3,000 saplings @ of ₹100 each. The aim is to encourage each affected family to plant at least 100 trees, for which they will be rewarded by one kg of rice for every tree planted in their fields - tackling both environmental degradation and food insecurity. In the course of a year, EA plan to reach out to at least 1,000 tribal families.

For every sapling planted, EA will give the farmers one kg of rice.