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Get railway children back home

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THE best outcome for kids rescued from railway platforms is to get them back home as quickly as possible. Help SATHI fund this return journey - from a temporary shelter to the caring arms of their families.

Most youngsters are restored to their homes within a week of being found - and studies have shown 90% remain there. So the first few days are crucial.

They are given immediate medical help, food, clothes and a roof over their heads in nearby shelters while SATHI staff try and gain their trust. Once they are relaxed and comfortable, counsellors try and motivate them to share details so their families can be traced.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Rs 6,000 will get one child back on track, from the platform to home and education

In the spirit of celebrating Rakhi - this fundraiser has been extended in the hopes that helping railway children return home will reunite them with their siblings!

SATHI raised Rs.3205, covering half the costs of helping a child return home and going back to school. :)

The funds raised helped in rescuing 14-year-old Shahnawaz from Kanpur railway station and reuniting him with his family.


Over one lakh children across India run away from home and end up in railway stations, where they are vulnerable to substance abuse, trafficking and other dangers. The sooner they are rescued and reunited with their families, the higher the chance of their rehabilitation, with follow-up visits and education support from SATHI so they return to school. A child with a family has better chances of being cared for than on a platform with strangers.

At a reunion meeting, a young boy looks with concern at his mother, overcome with emotion

More than 6,000 children are rescued every year at the chosen project locations - platforms of various railway stations in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, UP, Bihar and West Bengal. Sadly, due to lack of funds, only 30% of these children get the full SATHI support - from platform to back home and education. The rest often end up in government homes, most providing minimum care and shelter. The need to give more runaways proper support is urgent.

Every five minutes a child arrives alone on a railway platform in India, so it is vital children are identified and given support and protection as soon as possible.

Railway Children, Cheshire, UK

The minute the children arrive, they are exposed to the risk of physical abuse by older boys, sexual abuse by adults and gang rivalry. Girls are particularly vulnerable and are often taken off by traffickers within hours of landing.

‘For India’s railway children, a dangerous life by the tracks’, Feb 18, 2014, Reuters, India edition

SATHI’s outreach teams spend 7-8 hours a day on platforms looking out for minors at risk. Once rescued, SATHI house them in a nearby shelter, give non-formal education with games and activities, and counselling to understand why the child left home. After tracing the family, the parents are contacted and, in most cases, reunited with their child. The Fundraiser will also pay for a year’s education support to ensure the child returns to school.

Once the child is back with the family, SATHI give education support to needy children
Shahnawaz reunited with his family
23 Aug. 2018

Thank you for your contribution to this fundraiser.

With your help, we raised 3,205 which helped in rescuing a 14-year-old Shahnawaz from Kanpur railway station. He was rescued on 5th June and was reunited with his family on 13th June. Shahnawaz from Jharkhand had run away from home and had been missing for ten days. His parents had almost given up hope when  SATHI found him. 

Your valuable support ensured Shahnawaz was safely reunited with his family.