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Gift cycles to keep girls in school

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WALKING long distances from home to high school has its dangers in rural India - especially for adolescent girls. Help IHMP buy 50 cycles at ₹4,000 each so girls can ride to school, instead of dropping out.

With only one higher secondary school for every eight villages, families often force girls to give up school, rather than risk long, deserted walks to attend. This triggers a pattern of events where girls become child brides and mothers before adulthood. To prevent this outcome, IHMP are removing obstacles so they can continue with their education, become financially independent and marry at a later age.

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Every ₹4,000 will get one girl to class every day!

IHMP have decided to extend their fundraiser - more time, more cycles!


Where high schools are few and far between, going a long way by foot to attend classes is a major deterrent for girls to continue with their education - one of the primary indicators of development. High levels of illiteracy usually coincide with poverty and poor health. Providing bicycles will not only guarantee girls' mobility and safety as they travel to school but also reduce dropout rates in the region.

A safe way to travel long distances is key to increasing literacy levels

A needs assessment carried out in Jalna by IHMP revealed that 15% of adolescent girls (aged 11 - 19 years) were dropouts, and almost 26% of them faced problems attending school. Even though most girls in Jalna aspire to continue with their studies, their ambitions are cut short when their parents force them to discontinue their education - primarily due to the long distances they have to travel to get to school.

The cycle bank established by IHMP has helped to keep adolescent girls longer in the school and delay their marriage to a later age. Thank you IHMP for starting such a wonderful initiative in our village.

Shakila Shaikh, life skills teacher, Aurangabad

I am so thrilled that I now have my own cycle. It takes much less time for me to travel to school and back with my friends. Since we travel as a group from my village, it has been easier to convince my parents to allow me to continue my education.

Komal, 8th Standard, Aurangabad

I have been able to negotiate and convince my parents to allow me to continue my education in a high school in a neighbouring village only because I have received a bicycle which I use to ride to school and back.

Kalpana, 10th Standard, Aurangabad

By providing bicycles to children, especially girls, you can empower them with knowledge and, ultimately, change the course of their lives. Keeping girls in school has been shown to have a multiplier effect that can help break the cycle of poverty.

World Bicycle Relief, U.S.

Every ₹4,000 raised will cover the cost of one bicycle and they will be distributed as part of IHMP's Life Skills Education Programme. First a community health worker will identify 50 girls in Jalna who have dropped out of school because of the travel distance. Once shortlisted and their parents convinced of the safety of their daughters, each one will re-enroll in school and be given a bicycle for her daily commute.

Finding ways to keep girls in school is the need of the hour
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