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Gift livelihood skills to 20 girls

Focus: Girl Child , Livelihoods , Women

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PHYSICALLY challenged Meena* was a child bride, then tragically a widow with two small children. Now with RSKS's help, she's able to support her family. Fund vocational training for 20 more girls @ ₹4875 each.

Soon after Meena lost her husband she joined RSKS's vocational training course. She now sews bags for a living and earns more than ₹15k/pm to support her children’s education.

The young mother is an inspiration for the women of Nayagaanv, Rajasthan. Like Meena, who didn't finish her education, there are 20 school dropouts, girls from deprived communities, who will benefit from livelihood skills training.

*Name changed to protect identity

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In rural Rajasthan, girls continue to be victims of societal evils such as child marriage, dowry and female foeticide. They are often considered a burden and educating them, the least of a family's priorities. By giving young women school dropouts between the ages of 18-35 training in livelihood skills, RSKS will open the door to financial independence and self-sufficiency - and make them more valued members of society.

Livelihood training makes the girls self-sufficient

Thank you so much for an incredible week with RSKS, you have an enormous effect on all the women you work with

Lizzie Hobbs, Field Evaluator, Leicester City, UK

Through a baseline survey, RSKS will identify 20 vulnerable school dropouts - girls between the ages of 15 to 35 years, who would benefit from being financially independent of their father or husband. Then a vocational course to train in beautician's skills will be arranged. The course will also include life skills and marketing classes to empower the young women with confidence. Post training, there will be follow ups and feedback sessions.

The three month programme increases their employability.