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Gift Puja clothes to slum children

Focus: Children and Youth

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DURGA Puja is the most anticipated festival in Kolkata when everyone is out in their new finery - but kids living in the city's slums are not so lucky. You can gift one child a new set of clothes for just ₹250.

Kolkata's "pandals" housing the Goddess Durga are legendary. Children particularly look forward to donning their new clothes and go out pandal-hopping with friends and family.

Children in Calcutta Rescue schools come from nearby shanties, most born to daily wage earners for whom buying new clothes for a festival is an unaffordable luxury. Help bring smiles to the faces of 200 of the most needy young ones this Puja.

All it takes is a little bit from everyone!

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Only ₹250 will buy a new outfit for one child this Durga Puja.

Calcutta Rescue has raised enough to gift 148 children with new clothes this Puja.

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Durga Puja celebrates the victory of good over evil, positive energy overpowering negative forces. It is the most important of all others on the festival calendar in West Bengal. While most Kolkatans go into overdrive shopping for their family, many buying five new outfits for the five days, children of poor families are left out - and feel further marginalised. New Puja clothes will make them feel included in the city-wide celebrations.

Many children cannot afford new clothes during Puja.

Around 2.5million people live below the poverty line on the streets and in slums across the city. Calcutta Rescue provide education, healthcare, sanitation and livelihoods to about 50,000 of them. Besides providing the basic necessities, Calcutta Rescue also strive to bring joy and positivity into the lives of the beneficiaries - and new Puja clothes for slum children is just one way of making them feel a part of a caring community.


This Fundraiser's target is ₹50,000 which would purchase new outfits for 200 children from Calcutta Rescue's schools @ ₹250 per child. The plan is to buy and distribute the clothes to the children before Durga Puja which starts on October 15 - so they can proudly wear them during the festivities and when they go out pandal-hopping!

Bright, new clothes will be purchased for the kids from Calcutta Rescue's schools.
Puja clothes for 150 children
by Calcutta Rescue
29 Jan. 2019

We always have such an amazing time celebrating Puja with our students. Thanks to this fundraiser, we were able to buy new clothes for 150 children, while other funds covered the cost of new clothes for another 500 children. 

The clothes were distributed just before Puja began so the children had something new to wear when we took them pandal hopping. They were all excited with their new clothes, and confidently joined in the city's Puja celebrations.